KiyoKei Phone Call

Year 2, Vol. 9 Chapter 1 Part 3

TL: Pudding, Alisa

Even though I had sowed the seeds myself, I got involved in something that only half related to me.

If anything, I would have liked to settle things with Nagumo through the student council elections or something else, but because Ichinose’s withdrawal was out of everyone’s expectations, there was nothing I could do about it.

I decided to call to report to my girlfriend, who was waiting at the dormitory.

[Are you still not back yet!?]

As soon as the call started, Kei's dissatisfied voice came out.

"I just left the student council room. I'll be back in about 15 minutes."

I thought I might get scolded, but it seemed that the happiness of knowing the precise time won out.

[Alright. I waited patiently without urging you to be quick. Aren't I amazing?]

Suddenly, her tone softened as she asked me that.

"You're amazing, amazing."

Girls like Kei were good at using their phones.

So, it would be easy for her to send messages promptly every few seconds.


It wasn't really something worth praising, but she seemed happy with my compliment.

[Then, I’ll wait for you.]

After ending that brief exchange, I put my phone back in my pocket.

As we progressed through the romantic phase, I realized that even without lengthy conversations, our relationship was being established.

Only family members could sense slight differences, not because they were smart or sharp, but because they were aware of changes that could only be noticed through spending a long time together.

It was not about thinking with your head and trying to read the other person's thoughts, but about feeling each other's touch.

It was possible to change a moment of tension into a moment of softness in an instant.

It was like the two sides of a coin.

This concept applied to many other things beyond what had just been mentioned.

The remaining pages of the textbook were decreasing by the second.

However, the more the textbook reaches its final stage, the more difficult it is to understand and takes more time than at the beginning of the book.

Then——the next task is——