KiyoKei text + phone call

Year 2, Vol. 8 c3p7

TL: Pudding

(Context: Kiyo wants to find the souvenir aka chocolate-coated potato chips that Nanase talked about.)

I decided to search for the dealer stores on my phone.


As I thought so, I turned on my cell phone, and a large number of unread messages and missed calls popped up at once.

Of course they were from Kei.

『Where are you?』

『Didn’t get to meet you at all yesterday and today』

『In the middle of something?』

『Want to meet you aaaaa』

Etc. Within a few seconds of opening the app, all the “unread” messages became “read” at once.

Immediately after, my phone rang.


It would be an appropriate analogy to describe the sound as similar to a cat growling.

「Are you mad?」

『I’m not!』

Well, she sure seems to be very angry.

『Can’t you leave some time for me!?』

「Sorry. There are a lot of stuff to do during the school trip.」

『I guess that can’t be helped!』

「I received information from Kushida on Group 11 and confirmed that you are doing well, so I decided myself that there’s no need to worry.」

『Ooh? You seem happy with Kushida huh! She's cute right! Playboy!』

「We're in the same group so can't be helped. Besides, you know what kind of person Kushida is.」

『That's not relevant. And she's got big boobs too! ...Kiyotaka is... ahh!』

「Okay okay. I can spare some time now, so let's meet up somewhere.」

『Really!? Then I will come over!』

Her mood was easily swayed, and she quickly responded with a cheerful voice.

「That's probably not a great idea? Ryuuen is also in my room.」

『ah...I see.』

「Where are you now?」

『I'm in my room, but I think the other three girls are probably still in the bath. I was there as well until just now. But I wanted to contact Kiyotaka, so I came back early.』

Kei had been rather concerned about her scars, but it seems she has now completely got over those concerns.

「I have the room key, so I'm going back to my room once. I'll contact you after so wait for me.」


(Later, Kiyo left the key to Kitou in his room and met up with Kei who initially scolded him but soon went into sweet mode as Kiyo hugged her to put her back in a good mood. For a while, they spent a relaxing time together.)