Ayanokouji X Karuizawa Date PART 2

Fanfic by /u/DeaKmiZ

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My very first date ever has just began

Kei seemed nervous when met up but, she seems to have returned to her usual attitude as she sticks close to me and begins walking.

".....too close".

I whispered that without thinking in a voice too low for her to hear. ' Wait, hold on, This how we are supposed to walk. I'm still not used to this, huh '

" Kiyotaka... "

"Yeah? "

" You changed, You've grown up a bit "

I changed, huh? I've grown up a bit, huh? She already told me that I'm some centimeters taller the last time we met. So, what does You've grown up supposed to mean?

" I've changed you say? "

She jumped in front of me and said

" I don't claim that I know you as a person or what goes through your mind, yet. But, I know that the old Kiyotaka wouldn't say 'that'"

'So, even Kei can act cute sometimes, huh ... More importantly, What does the That she said refers to though? Wait, could it be ...

" Heeeeeeeeee! Kiyotaka ! even a poker face like you can blush sometimes, well it's not like this is the first time I saw you blushing " ( Vol 11: While he was given the gift to Kei, Kiyotaka blushed )

She saw me blushing before, huh?

" Even a bullish girl like you can be sometimes cute "

" Wait, you are admitting it?! Ahh.. Uhm, Just to let you know, I'm one of the cutest girls in this school. You're lucky to be my boyfriend "

It's not like I'm a robot or anything I do have some emotions, I guess, and it's indeed true that someone like me can be counted lucky for having a girlfriend.

Back to the main topic, Kei wanted to tell me that the old Kiyotaka wouldn't threat Nagumo and pick a fight with him like that...

I just learned something new...

Since Kei is my girlfriend I will protect her with everything I got, naturally. But, I wouldn't rush anything. This time I launched an attack based on emotion...

As expected going out with a girl would help me learn a lot... This is fun. This is exactly what I signed for.

" We're eating first I'm kinda hungry "

" Sure "

" How about we ask each others questions till we arrive there "

" Yeah, would you like to begin? "

" Umm The question I always wanted to ask "

" Let's leave that to when we sit down "

I already know what that question is. Don't worry I'm planning to tell you that either way.

" Well, Okay... "

Since I told her I'll answer her later. Kei changed her question

" Then why is someone like you is in Class D. Class D is for lazy and unmatured people or students who have a fucked up past "

" As you can see I'm a lazy student "

" True but the school would've been able to see your potential and probably put you on class B or something "

Well I can't deny that but I'd like to see what Kei thinks

" Then why do you think the school put me in Class D "

" Probably your past I guess "

the analysis that Kei made does sound logical

" I think you killed some people in your past "


" Just kidding but giving the physical strength you have you can beat even adults "

" So do you really think that I'm a serial killer? "

" No I was just kidding but I have a feeling that you have a fucked-up past "

I knew Kei viewed me as a cold and cruel person, but isn't this going a bit too far

" Then I'll tell you that my past has nothing to deal with my assignment to D Class "

" Then I give up tell me already "

Isn't it obvious?

" I rigged the entrance exam "

" Ohhh Now that you're saying it you've always been like that, I totally forgot about that attitude of yours "

We reached the restaurant where we would be having lunch. The conversation was suspended with a natural flow.

As Kei seems to have made a reservation beforehand, she smoothly guides me to our seats. They were towels and splittable chopsticks prepared for two people.

To be continued ...