Sunday That I Will Remember

Fanfic by AidarHey

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Do not read to those who do not like romance and KiyoKei ship. Actions take place in the second year of study. There are no direct spoilers of what happened in Volume 2-1 (volume 1 of the 2nd year), but there are slight hints.

Genres: Romance, Friendship, Everyday life, Conversation, KiyoKei

Characters: Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, Karuizawa Kei, Sudo Ken, Horikita Suzune (Mentioned only), Sato Maya

Part I (from Kiyotaka)

It is Sunday today. As usual, I woke up early in the morning, although it is a day off. It was quite hard and long day yesterday and I was able to get back to my room only late at night. But now, as odd as it may be, I felt rested.

Surprisingly, I did not have any plans for today because I didn’t have time to make any and, that’s why, while lying in bed I was thinking about ways to spend it. In fact, the answer was obvious – since I have got a girlfriend, I felt I wasn’t giving her enough time and attention. Studying, competition among the classes, first year students, exams… All of that takes a lot of energy and time. Therefore, there was not enough time left to spend it with your girlfriend. Of course, we met during that time and I even helped her with her studies, but I can’t bring myself to call it a romantic pastime. So, why don’t I ask her for a date today? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but because of the exams and other circumstances, there was no time to do it. I hope Kei is free today.

Honestly, I’ve never been on a date. It is better to plan and agree upon such things beforehand, I suppose. I will call Kei and ask her, while it’s still morning. Hmm, not now, because I don’t know where to take her yet, so I’ll postpone the call a little…

Eventually, I’ve decided to get up. I was going to browse the Internet to get the information about where the high school students usually go on a date, so I turned on the computer and went to make myself some coffee.

When I came back with a cup of coffee, the computer was already on. So, let’s begin.

For quite some time I looked through the articles online and while I was doing it, I forgot about my coffee which, unfortunately, got cold. No worries, though it was cold, it still had a very nice taste. I took a gulp and leaned back in my chair to think about the information I got from the Internet.

Honestly, there was a lot of different swanky and fancy stuff that, in my opinion, Kei wouldn’t like. And I, personally, wanted something more ordinary, normal and, you could say, mundane, not to be stressful and anxious for every little thing. That’s why I chose the simplest options that are a café in the mall, evening walk and a cinema, if I have time to get tickets.

Now, I only need to call Kei. But as I was reaching my phone to dial her number, it rang. On the screen, I saw the number that I’ve learnt by heart. It was Kei. It was pretty surprising. Hmm, she decided to call me herself? I answered the call:

“Good morning, Kei.” I greeted her.

“Good morning.” She replied quite stiffly.

“Umm, is something wrong? You sound not as cheerful as you usually do.”

“And you don’t have any idea? Did you forget that you have a girlfriend at all?”

“Of course I didn’t, but…” I didn’t finish my sentence as she continued:

“There is no attention from you at all. I’ve been sitting and waiting all these days. I understand that we had exams and all of us strained to the limit, but exams were over on Friday, and since that day we haven’t talked normally! Is it even ok? I cancelled the meeting with my friends today thinking you would ask me out, but no, not even a call. How would I even think…”

“Wait-wait, Kei,” I interrupted her eventually, “Please, don’t get mad. Yesterday, unexpected stuff came up with Horikita, I was helping her with something.”

“Ah, Horikita! Then if she asks something of you, you run immediately, don’t you?”

“No, it is not that. It is just because she is not aware of our relationships with you, she doesn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t help her. And it took longer than we thought.”

“And haven’t you thought of telling me about that?! It doesn’t matter…Anyway, I wanted to say. You know what? I just agreed with Satō to go to the mall. So, don’t show up there for now, or even if you go, try not to be seen by her. I want to mend ties with her, without any reminders of you. You know, it will be awkward if three of us meet there. Deal? We’ll talk about the rest later.”

I didn’t have time to say anything as she hung up.

Being honest, it was unexpected. Kei was that resentful for the first time. And now, all my plans to take her on a date today went to blazes. It would be egotistic to insist on going out after the fact that Kei had agreed to meet Satō, the girl that was in love with me and the one that I turned down. That’s why, I’ve decided that next time I’d plan and discuss everything well in advance. But first of all, I needed to make up with her. Kei is offended and mad at me. Now, she will spend the day with Satō and I need to wait until evening to be able to talk to her. It’s worth saying that there were feelings within me that I would describe as not really pleasant and which I haven’t understood yet…

My thoughts were interrupted by one more call, I quickly grabbed the phone to see who it was, in truth, the part of me hoped that it was Kei again, but I was wrong, unfortunately, it wasn’t her. I was looking at the screen and didn’t pick up. Interesting, what would he need on Sunday morning?

Part II (from Sudō)

Today I woke very early because the thoughts in my head wouldn’t leave me alone.

From the moment I fell in love with Suzune, I constantly tried to become better to rise in her esteem. So that she would recognize me. But still, I was behind her. There is no girl that would love a guy who tries so hard to keep up with her and can’t achieve her level. A girl usually falls in love with somebody “cool”, who is better than her, doesn’t she? I also realized that I couldn’t stay the way I’ve been all these years. And these thoughts brought me to the dead end. How does one become better, if the girl you are in love with is so much ahead of you? How does one become better, if every time you allow your weaknesses to come forth? And that makes you angrier because it happens in front of the person you are in love with. Everything was pretty predictable with my studies, I just need to work hard and I will improve my knowledge. And Suzune is helping me with that. But what do I do with the rest? My temper, for instance. Or my physical strength. For I even can’t protect the person I love! Just recalling that moment drove me mad. I mean, physical strength was supposed to be my strong side! But there came the person who was stronger than me and who might hurt Suzune. And I couldn’t do anything about it. More so, it made me angry and I constantly lost my temper in front of Suzune! Even now, while lying in bed, being far from those problems, I struggled within those thoughts and emotions, like an insect stuck in the web. Even if that event had been long gone, it’s like I got stuck in my thoughts and couldn’t get to the reality.

If it wasn’t for Ayanokōji then… Ayanokōji. Hmm. He is very controversial person. His entire image that I was imagining just fell apart after the event that had occurred not that long ago. He is always so calm and composed and very meticulous. And he also possesses an extraordinary physical strength. I was sure about it. I was able to assess person’s strength by his actions, after all. And that instant demonstrated that Ayanokōji had an incredible physical strength and a strong spirit. That thought was still lingering in my mind until I realized. That’s it! Here is the solution! I need Ayanokōji! I need to convince him somehow to train me! That thought made me so excited that now I wasn’t able to think about anything else.

Some time had passed. I’ve already had breakfast and taken shower. But thoughts about training and Ayanokōji wouldn’t leave me. I had to call him right away and try to meet today, if, of course, he was free. Yesterday, he and I were helping Suzune, though it seems, I rather bothered them… But that gave a chance to see them together, to see how they interact with each other, and I clearly saw that even Suzune looked at him with respect. That is why I need to ask for his help.

I collected all of my willpower and, obliterating the rest of my pride, I called him. The dial tones went on. He didn’t answer for some time, but eventually he picked up.

“Good morning, Sudō,” he calmly greeted me.

“Umm… good morning, Ayanokōji,” I replied somewhat unconvincingly, because I even didn’t think beforehand what better words to say. Indeed, it is hard to find words, when you are about to ask someone for something,

There was a short pause.

“Did anything happen?” he asked me in a calm manner.

“Look, are you busy today?” I decided to ask directly.

“Well, maybe. Did you want to ask about something?”

“Well, I did actually, to be honest, can we meet today at the mall, if you’re not busy? I want to talk to you in person. I promise not to keep you too long.” I said it pretty fast and went silent waiting for the answer.

“Hmm, well I’ll be busy till noon for sure. But, ok, let’s meet around lunch time. Just let’s meet not at the mall, but some other place.”

Then he gave the precise time and place of the meeting. It was a small café which was nearby the mall. There never were many people in there. The mall entrance was clearly seen from it.

After that I just waited. When the time came close to what was agreed, I was already ready. I left the dormitory even earlier than it was necessary. Also, even though I was going to be in time, I’d decided to walk fast anyway. I was calm, because I understood that I’d come earlier than agreed. But, as soon as I walked into the café, I saw Ayanokōji already sitting at the table. He saw me and waved at me, that’s why I came to the table right away and sat in front of him. Our table was by the window, from where the mall could be seen.

“Well, shall we order something? My treat,” I said.

Since I was the one to ask for help, I felt obliged to pay.

“Well, if you treat…” said Ayanokōji slowly looking at the menu.

For some reason, I didn’t like his manner when he said that.

He ordered, and to my delight, it wasn’t anything expensive. I also ordered something for myself, as I haven’t had lunch yet. While we were waiting for our order to be served, I began the conversation myself.

“Look, before I get to the point, let me ask you something… Have you done something before high school, haven’t you? I mean martial arts…”

I asked that just to start the conversation, because the answer was obvious. After what I’d seen I’ve been 100% sure that he did martial arts. He didn’t hide it himself.

“Well, I don’t see the reason to hide it after what happened. Yes, I’d been into martial arts for quite some time. But I wouldn’t say that it was some professional level. I cannot deny the fact, though, that I’ve mastered it at a pretty good level. Your favor relates to it somehow, right?”

“It does, but let me ask first. Why did you hide it all this time? After all, this is not something to be ashamed of, is it?”

I thought that anyone else wouldn’t hide such things from others, but would rather show their strength right away. Or, perhaps, I judge by myself?

Our order was already served. It was quite fast, as expected, because we didn’t order anything extraordinary.

We started our meal and continued our conversation as well.

“Well, I can say that I’d like to have a regular student life, but when you’re too popular, that’s out of the question.”

He only added to his mystery by answering that way. It was inconceivable to me not to want popularity when you’re in high school.

“Yes, of course, I understand and I promise I won’t tell anyone about you.”

It was strange how I talked to that person now and how I regarded him now, it was totally different from what it was before.

“I think it means that you want me to train you, right?” Ayanokōji assumed.

“Yes… you’re right. There is no point to hide that there are students stronger than me. I want to become stronger to be able to protect Suzune!”

“Just that?” he asked.

It seemed to me, or was he disappointed in my words?

I didn’t know what to answer, and realizing that, Ayanokōji added.

“I mean, do you want to evolve just because of Suzune? Don’t you want to evolve for yourself since you already know your weaknesses? Of course, other person can be a good motivation at the beginning of your path. But keeping another person as your motivation constantly is not really good idea. Decide for you whether or not you want to evolve for yourself.”

He looked at me calmly waiting for the answer. For Christ’s sake! Is he going to teach me life now? My classmate, the one I defied? This is how life turned. I wasn’t angry with that, there was no point to compete with such man as Ayanokōji. It’s better to stop envy people just because they are better than you, but focus on studies and training.

“Yes, I want to evolve for myself as well,” I answered firmly. Indeed, I realized that myself.

There comes a time when you stop being selfish and understand that others doesn’t have to babysit you. So, I added:

“Look, if you train me, every month I will transfer the half of the points I’d get to express my gratitude. Apart from that, I will support you in the future and help you, if you need. And I will be grateful if, on top of the physical training, you will assist me in dealing with my emotions.”

All those words that had been said just then, did not belong to the old Sudō. Old Sudō was too arrogant for such speeches. But there is no old Sudō anymore. That day, I’ve decided to accept my weaknesses and change them.

“All right. I’ll train you. But promise me one thing – not to put me higher than yourself. And one more thing, I can’t promise you very high results, do you understand?”

I was happy for the fact that he agreed. I was glad for the opportunity to change myself.

“Yes, I understand. Thank you,” I said sincerely.

Then our conversation went into ordinary things. We talked about exams, studies, holidays and student’s life.

But, at some point of our talk, through the window I noticed a familiar figure that was standing at the mall entrance. I looked more closely. Yes, it was my classmate Karuizawa, indeed. And she wasn’t alone. There was some guy with her and they were talking about something. Ayanokōji couldn’t see them because he was sitting slightly turned from the window.

“Hey, isn’t that Karuizawa there?” I asked Ayanokōji.

“Indeed, it is her,” he replied instantly turning to the window.

After watching them a little, he turned back to me. Is that just my imagination or something changed in Ayanokōji face? Hmm, no, it’s just my imagination. His face remained the same.

“Hmm, with whom is she, I wonder?” I asked out of curiosity.

“This guy is a first year student,” Ayanokōji replied calmly.

I was curious to watch them a little bit more, but Ayanokōji never turned back to the window.

Since the conversation came up to her, I’ve decided to ask him something, even if I had asked that before:

“Look, do you like Karuizawa?’

Honestly, that question was selfish in part. Because I wanted to make sure that he didn’t feel anything towards Suzune.

Ayanokōji looked at me with that same calm face and replied:

“Why do you think so?”

“Well, you know, do you remember there was a post on the school forum which said that you were in love with her? Gossips started to spread afterwards, you know… And I’ve got some doubts. Don’t you like her at all? At least a little bit? Didn’t that post have a grain of truth in it?”

Ayanokōji looked through the window again to where Karuizawa was. But Karuizawa and that guy were not there anymore. He turned back to me:

“Is that really interesting for you?”

I decided to be honest with him. After all, I’ve made a decision to change.

“Well, I kind of asked that because I was always jealous of you for Suzune. You spend a lot of time together. And though, even if I see that there is not a single hint for anything romantic between you two, there is always doubt. Jealousy is a very ugly feeling, you know. Comes up even when there are no grounds…”

I looked at Ayanokōji. He was silent. Perhaps, he felt that I haven’t finished yet. Having gathered my thoughts, I continued:

“In fact, I see that there is nothing between you and Suzune. Sometimes it seems that she is too focused on achieving class A, that she is not interested in romantic relationships at all. I don’t mind, after all we all want to get to class A. And I also understand that Suzune is a leader of the class. She always helps others with their studying and she constantly plans something, and she just doesn’t have enough of free time. What is there to talk about if she doesn’t even have time to relax on the weekend? Anyway, I understand that it is important, but I think that we need to know how to rest as well… School years go by, after all, and I’m afraid that she won’t have time to enjoy them while being in constant thinking and planning. Life flows right here… Sometimes, it is necessary to just stop and pay attention to it…”

I didn’t get how I was brought into such philosophical topics, because I’m absolutely different. Ayanokōji was silent and just listened to me carefully. I was looking at him and it seemed that he was wondered about something…

“Don’t worry about Horikita. There can be nothing romantic between us. We are just classmates who aim at the same goal which is to get class A,” Ayanokōji broke the silence.

Does he like anyone at all, I wonder? And has he ever had a girlfriend? Those kind of thoughts were in my mind.

Then we stayed a little bit longer in the café and talked about different things related to student’s life. We were there for quite some time and, eventually, decided to leave.

“I will let you know when we are going to start the training,” said Ayanokōji at last and went in the direction of the dormitory.

And I needed to go to the mall, that’s why I went straight there. I’m glad that I met with Ayanokōji today. Not only because he agreed to train me, but because he was a person with whom I talked about things that I’ve never said to anyone else.

When I came into the mall, I saw Karuizawa and Satō. But they didn’t notice me, so I decided not to bother them.

It was Sunday today. Sunday that I will remember. Today I started to move away from my old self, the one that I’d considered to be me for a number of years, the one that attached to me like a parasite, had become a part of me, but wasn’t my true self. I realized that, indeed, it is possible to take of the mask that was you, and all you need is to have courage to admit your weakness and open up.

Part III (from Kiyotaka)

Having come back to the room after meeting with Sudō, I wondered for a long time about some things that happened today, and I also was looking forward to the evening.

Variety of different thoughts was on my mind, while I was doing my stuff. The thoughts were flowing like clouds, one after the other. I released one thought quickly, but another one would grab my attention for a longer period of time.

Some time passed and it was late evening. It was that moment when the sun just barely set on the horizon and there was a slight dusk. I didn’t turn on the light, that’s why it was quite dark in my room, but objects and things were still distinguishable.

I heard the knock on the door. I already guessed who came. I came to the door and opened it. The bright light from the hall immediately lit the room. Kei was standing in front of me. Indeed, she was the one I was waiting for. I sent her a message earlier asking her to come to me on her way to the dormitory. Even though I didn’t get the reply, Kei came after all.

I moved away from the door a little, thus inviting her in. After she entered in silence, I closed the door behind her. The dusk enveloped the space again. Kei kept standing in the hallway not going to enter the room. I glanced at her but she was looking away, she tried not to look at me showing that she was still upset. She wore her favorite blue summer dress. It’s worth saying that she always looked very nice in that dress.

“Shall we enter the room?” I suggested breaking the silence.

She didn’t answer, she kept silence for a while, and then with a sniff, she eventually came into the room. I followed her. Having entered the room, Kei didn’t take a sit, but simply leaned back on the wall holding her bag with both hands.

“I think it’s better to turn on the light…” I said moving towards the switch.

“Don’t, no need. I don’t want to see your face,” she snapped.


I came closer, so that I could look at her, but she immediately turned from me to the window. Her gaze was directed off into the distance, and the soft northern light illuminated her face.

“Like you don’t know,” she said quietly.

“No, I don’t,” I said calmly.

“Are you kidding me?” her voice sounded a little irritated, but she still didn’t turn to me. She added:

“Go ahead and tell me why you called, let’s get it over with, and I’ll go. I don’t want to waste my time on idiots,”

She slightly lowered her head, but still didn’t turn it into my direction and now she looked down.

“Before that… I still want you to look at me,” I said.

“I said I wouldn’t do that,”

“But I want you to look at me,” I insisted.

“It doesn’t matter what you want,”

“It is because you’re still upset with me, right?”

“Wow, how clever. You should get a prize!”

“Perhaps my prize will be your turning to me after all?”

“Dream on! Why did you call me at all? Tell me already and let’s finish that! Do you like torturing me?”

“No, it is you who is torturing me by not turning,”

“What is it with you turn and turn?! Why do you need me to turn!” her voice rose sharply.

“I promise, if you turn, I’ll tell you why I called you. Just look at me. For just a moment. That’s all I’m asking for,”

After these words, she reluctantly turned to me and our eyes met.

“Are you happy now?” her voice scattered loudly through the room.

“Yes…” I said.

“Well, I’m looking at you. Go ahead and say what you wanted,” now she said drily.

Her big eyes were looking at me. Her gaze expressed the offence, but there was no anger in it. Soft twilight light lingered on her delicate face making it more beautiful than ever, and at the same time slightly mysterious. I gazed into her eyes trying to drown myself in them as deep as possible.

“Forgive me,”

My voice was quiet and calm.

“I admit I made a mistake. I realize that I didn’t give you enough of my time. But it is not because I don’t love you or I don’t care about you… It’s just…”

I was closely looking into her eyes where I haven’t seen a doubt yet. Perhaps, she wanted to give me a rude answer, but then, apparently after having made a decision, she said the following:

“What ‘it’s just’? Speak out since you started saying sorry,”

“Well, you know, all these exams, studies, the competition between classes have piled on. And I understand that only that cannot be enough of excuse. There is also another reason…” Again I made a pause without completing my sentence.

“Well, say it. I’m listening to you carefully,”

“Another reason is that I’m just an idiot. I admit that,”

I was absolutely serious. It was what I felt. Perhaps, she realized that my words were genuine, because her face became slightly softer.

“I know that you are an idiot,” a little spite flashed in her eyes.

I went on:

“There is one more reason…”

“One more?” she asked curiously raising her eyebrow.

“Yes. I’ll be honest. The fact is that I don’t know how to behave with girls at all. You are my first girlfriend. And honestly, I don’t understand a lot of things about this romantic stuff … So, I can behave like a fool. I’m sorry about that.”

And then it was silence. We kept looking at each other. But now, there was no offence and hurt in her eyes. Her face was calm and her eyes already smiled a little. Maybe, I’ve said the right words, at least, those words were the ones I wanted to say and they were coming from my heart.

“All right … If you are so pathetic and I am your first, I’ll forgive you this time. But don’t get cocky, you got it? Don’t think that you’ll get away that easy,”

“Yes. And I promise I’ll give you more time from now on. And also, as an apology, I’ll fulfill one of your wishes,”

“Really? That’s getting interesting… Like any wish?” now her voice sounded playful.

“Yes, anything you want”

“Well, here I need time to think. I’ll tell you about it later, when I make it up,” her smile was cunning.

While she is in a good mood I wanted to ask her about something else, something that was on my mind all day after meeting with Sudō.

“You know, Kei, honestly, I have one question for you,”

“Hmm. Question? What question?” she looked at me inquiringly.

“Who was that guy?”

“Guy? What guy?”

“That first year student who was with you near the mall today. I had a meeting with Sudō close to the mall and I, accidentally, saw you with him. And I’m just curious what you were talking about,”

Kei looked at me with surprise. Then, her eyes opened wide.

“Are you jealous, aren’t you?” she cheerfully laughed at that fact and then continued:

“Well, you know, he was asking me out,” having said that and having made a spiteful face, she looked at me with anticipation, apparently wanted to hear what I would reply.

But honestly, I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t like her words at all. Seeing that I wasn’t answering and at the same time examining my face more closely, Kei eventually said:

“Okey, okey, I’m kidding. He approached me not for that reason. He was asking about Satō. While she was away from me, this guy came up and asked if she had a boyfriend,”

I felt relief after hearing that.

Then, making slightly cunning look (oh, how cute she looked when she did that!), Kei added:

“But don’t relax, guys, you know, approach me. Of course I have to turn them down because I’m already seeing one idiot…” she giggled.

“This idiot is a lucky one, because he has such a beautiful girlfriend…” I honestly confessed.

“Hmm. Is that really a compliment? Well, well…” looked like she was messing around with me.

The room became even darker, that’s why, confidently but gently, I came closer to Kei, so I could see her face. She held her breath for a while and was silently looking straight into my eyes like she was waiting for something. I decided to fix her right fringe gently with my hand.

“It seemed to be a little asymmetric,” I whispered looking into her eyes.

We stood so close to each other that it seemed we could hear each other heartbeat. I smelled the scent of her hair. The smell of that shampoo will always be associated with Kei.

“Idiot…” Kei whispered.

“Idiot?” I asked.

“Complete idiot…” she added, “Just… just kiss me…” shy, he looked into my eyes, and though it was already pretty dark, I could definitely say that she was blushing.

I…I wanted to kiss her. But, the truth is, that didn’t know how to kiss. I am an idiot, indeed, I should have googled it before.

“I want but I don’t know how,” I confessed.

“It doesn’t matter how, just kiss and don’t make me repeat it again…” she looked at me and then slowly closed her eyes.

I came closer to her and our lips met. She had very soft and tender lips. She helped me to initiate the kiss, taking the lead, and I started to approximately understand what to do. I’m sure that at that moment I kissed awfully clumsy. Our kiss was very slow and gentle. While kissing, I carefully embraced her and heard her bag, which she was holding, fall on the floor. After that I felt her hands gently rest on my shoulders.

I don’t know how long our kiss lasted. I lost track of time. For me time just stopped existing. My mind was silent and my thoughts disappeared. Silence filled me. I seem to have disappeared. Only our kiss remained. And the twilight gently concealed us in its embrace.

Then, our kiss ended naturally, but we still stood hugging and looking into each other’s eyes. Without saying a word, we just stood in silence. Her hands rested on my chest, and her loving look was directed at me. The words “yesterday” and “tomorrow” became meaningless. Time has disappeared like it never existed. There were only us.

“It’s already late. I need to go,” after some time Kei said whispering. I felt a slight discontent in her voice, like she was sorry to interrupt this moment.

“Yes… looks like it,” I agreed, because I couldn’t deny that.

When she was leaving, she suddenly stopped and said:

“Remember you promised me a wish? I made one. Tomorrow we go to school together as an official couple. Here is my wish,”

“Is that it? Maybe you’ll think again? I’ll be happy to go with you to school just because. It’s not necessary to waste your wish on that,”

“No. It is enough for me,” she said and smiled at me gently.

We said goodbye and agreed to meet in the dormitory hall tomorrow morning.

I went to bed still without turning the light on. I didn’t want to break that atmosphere, didn’t want to break that silence…

It was Sunday today. Sunday that I will remember. My first kiss with the girl I love happened today. Today I learned to trust my heart, at least a little. Today I realized that human is so much more than just a computer or biological machine. I understood what it feels like when life flows through you.