Keiko asks you all to vote!

Fanfic by Sora N.

“Konnichiwa everyone! Ano-ne ano-ne, there’s this site where Mama and Papa are being voted on dayo!

Keiko will really love it if you all vote for them dayo! Keiko can’t give you all anything in return tho dayo.

Ah! Maybe I can bake some cookies 🍪 for all of you who vote for Mama and Papa!”


“Ah. Papa!”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m asking all the good nii-san and nee-sans to vote for Papa and Mama dayo!” ‘Praise me!’

“...Kei!” *step step step*

“Eh. Papa? Where are we going? I still haven’t finished dayo!”

“What’s wrong Kiyotaka? Eh!? *STEP STEP STEP* Sorry everyone! Our daughter caused trouble for you all. Pls ignore her. She’s just a kid.”

“Keiko. We’re not allowed to break the fourth wall.”

“Fourth wall? *cute head tilt* Is it a cookie?”

“No. Let’s go. Kei?”

“Aaand done. Alright. Let’s go Kiyotaka.”

“Chinese or Thai?”

“Hmm. Let’s have Chinese today.”

“Keiko wants cookies! 🍪 “

“Yes. We’ll get some cookies on the way home.”


Don’t forget to vote!