Fanfic by Sora N.

It was like any other ordinary day. Jason was lazing about in his room looking through pictures of his waifu — Kei on his phone as snuggled a life-sized Kei dakimakura on his bed.

But like always, as he swiped through the pics, he encountered one that pissed him to the core.

Right. It was a KIYOKEI PIC!!!

He was absolutely pissed off.

‘Looks like my March 8th fanfic didn’t do enough. Let’s write another one and show everyone the bitter reality of first loves’ he thought and jumped to his desk, turning on discord.

Entering the dedicated #◭kei-camp◭ he started typing.

‘Yes..yes. Hehehe, this is perfect. I’ll make sure to break you two up perfectly. If I can’t have her, no one can! Kusukusukusu.’

Giggling to himself he continued to type for hours on end and when he was about to post it...


“So you’re the one.”


He heard a voice behind him and felt something cold touch the back of his neck.

“Slowly get up and turn around. I want to see the expression you make before I kill you.”

He heard the voice say and proceeded to do exactly as told all the while screaming in his mind.

‘Why? Why?! Why?! Why is this happening?! Who is he?! How did he get in my house?!’ Was what he thought as he turned to look at the perpetrator... only for his breath to be stuck in his throat.

“Y-y-y-you” His voice trembled as he stared at the person in front of him.

A dark red blazer, white shirt and green pants. Unkempt hair and an aloof face. And all too familiar golden brown ice-cold eyes.

“A-a-ayano-kouji.” He finally muttered out.

He didn’t know how someone from a novel was in front of his eyes right at this moment holding a hand gun.

“Yes. It’s me. I’ve finally found you.”

“F-found me?”

“Yes. It was you who wrote a reality where Kei and I broke up right? ‘March 8th’ was it? And now you’re doing it again.” He said as he turned his gaze to the pc behind Jason, seeing the fanfic that was about to be posted.

“How?” ‘How can you be real? How are you here?’ He screamed in his mind.

“You don’t need to know. All you need to do is die. With your death the Ayanokouji of the Alternate Universe of ‘March 8th’ will finally make things right and get together with Kei again.”

“Wha?!” ‘Get together? Kiyokei?’

Anger welled up within him.

‘Again. Again. Goddammit again and again!’ He glared hatefully at Ayanokouji.

“Looks like you have your circumstances for writing that. But I don’t care. All I care about is that you are the Focal Point for the Universe ‘March 8th’ and by killing you, the me of that universe will go out with Kei once again. That’s why.. DIE.”


Jason helplessly collapsed to the ground, blood flowing out from the bullet hole in his forehead. Even now his dead gaze was hatefully fixed on Ayanokouji as he put the gun back in its holder.

Ayanokouji calmly walked to the desk, staring at the discord channel and the fanfic that Jason was about to post and wordlessly deleted it.

“I’ve done it Kei. I told you I would avenge your death. Now that that reality is deleted, your death is deleted as well. I’ll be joining you now.”

He closed his eyes as he phased in and out of existence, slowly becoming translucent like a ghost before vanishing completely.