Karuizawa Kei

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I waited for this moment a really long time to be able to love someone to have someone dear to you by your side Well I loved Kiyotaka it's not like I wanted to but circumstances led to this I genuinely love him .. I let out a sigh ..

" No one knows what the future holds , huh "

I never thought I'll be able to live a normal life. After alI, I've been through a lot in my 3 middle school years it surely has been difficult and I've been stressed out all the time wondering " what if people find out about my past "

I had Hirata-kun protecting me since I didn't see any reliable student other than him in the class basically all of our classmates are all childish way back then other than Hirata-kun I couldn't see any men in Class D till that day where Kiyotaka showed me his true deep dark nature He forced me to say everything to him his eyes gave a whole another vibe I couldn't resist since that I believed in Kiyotaka abilities and it was probably the best decision I've ever made in this 16 years I've lived . Kiyotaka is just way too smart he's surely cruel and ruthless in some ways but still if he wants something done no matter what are the obstacles in front of him he already planned to get over them like it's nothing he's the definition of genius No I think he's even above that level He always surprised me with his talent and I think he's still hiding his true powers . Every highschool girl's dream is most likely having the perfect boyfriend Handsome , good at sport and smart Kiyotaka matches perfectly those standards

" I have what can be considered as a perfect boyfriend .. "

He confessed to me and of course I accepted but still Does he really love me ??? He said that I felt his emotions behind it but still the Kiyotaka I know would never say that he basically a robot-like dude did he really changed ..?

" Ahhhh mouu what's wrong with me He literally said I love you , Kei what more do I want "

I don't know what was behind that but I really am happy I finally have a real boyfriend my first boyfriend someone who I love from the bottom of my heart and I hold dear well after all he had to take it to this step I couldn't live more like a parasyte suddenly my phone rung is it Kiyotaka ?? the name displayed on the screen was Satou Maya

" What am I gonna tell her please why does it have to be now "

I picked up and greeted her

" Hello Satou-san "

" Hey karuizawa-san I was thinking , you know , even thought he turned me down the last time he said he'd love to play with me anytime and he wouldn't mind so do you think it's a good idea to invite Ayanokouji-kun out ? "

" Ehh satou-san about Kiyotaka "

I didn't say anything even though ...

" Karuizawa-san why are u calling him by his first name ?! "

Damn I forgot well whatever

" Satou-san I need to tell u something , Kiyotaka is .... Kiyotaka is my Boyfriend now "

" That's one bad joke karuizawa-san even though I felt something between you two u always denied it and now u are saying

u became his girlfriend "

" it's the truth u see like u said Kiyotaka isn't inferior to Hirata-kun "

" U always said the exact opposit "

" I lied sorry about that "

She cut the call , huh ...