The Stray Cat

Fanfic by Okita#3810.

“That Kiyotaka. How dare he! ‘We won’t have dates until the final exams are completed and you get at least a B’ that’s what he had the courage to tell me. Does he really think that someone like me can perform so well?”

On a weekend, at 6 am. I, Karuizawa Kei, walked along the sidewalks of Advanced Nurturing School while looking for the nearest drinking vending machine.

“Seriously, what does he have in mind to get me to the point of studying an entire night on a weekend. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be in this miserable situation”.

In this unusual situation, on an unusual day. I couldn't expect that something miraculous would happen to me. When I got to the vending machine, I noticed a certain noise. The source of that sound came from a box that was next to the drink machine. On the box was written 'take good care of it'.

"But what the hell is this?" while I wondered myself full of curiosity for the contents of the box, I wasted no time and revealed the box contents.

“I-it is... it can't be! Why is it here?”.

"So ... what is this?"

It was already after 10 am, and Kiyotaka had arrived at my room to check on my studies. However, he didn't expect me to have a little surprise for him.

"This is a cat!"

“I mean, I can see that this is a cat. But why is there a cat in your room, Kei?”

"I found it while walking to buy a drink in the morning."

Through the glance he directed towards me, he certainly shouted 'how did you go to buy a drink and ended up bringing a cat'. Yes, it's probably something like that.

"So, how do you plan to take care of him?"

"That's the reason why I called you here, my favorite boyfriend!"

"I am your only boyfriend."

While answering my joke, Kiyotaka came over to watch the kitten.

“He seems to be a little over 2 months old. That means he should be able to eat some dry food by now”.

Kiyotaka was able to grasp how old the kitten was with a few seconds of observation.

"But where are we going to find food for him?"

“Our school prohibits students from having pets, but the same cannot be said for teachers. That's why there is a pet store on the campus next to the mall”.

“Seriously? This is new to me. So I'm going over there right now. You wait for me here and take care of the kitten for me”.

As I prepared to leave, another unexpected situation happened before my eyes. Kiyotaka was playing with the kitten and caressing it. I didn't know what was cuter, whether it was Kiyotaka or the kitten. Regardless, I couldn't miss this chance. I took my Iphone 10000* plus from my bag and took a picture of that unexpected moment.

"Wait a minute, did you just take a picture of me?"

“Fufufu, of course. Do you think I would miss the opportunity to record that moment?”.

While showing me a crusty expression, he turned his attention again to the kitten who cried out for more affection.

“But it really surprised me. I didn't know that Kiyotaka liked animals so much”.

“I always wanted to have a cat or dog. But my father never let me”.

Kiyotaka's father, the man responsible for forcing Kiyotaka to train his skills under inhuman conditions and lock his feelings deep inside his heart. It is expected that he wouldn’t allow Kiyotaka to have a pet that he could love.

"Maybe this kitten is a gift from god".


"Now you have a chance to have a pet"

"Yeah... you're right"

I could see a soft smile on Kiyotaka's face. That alone has made my day and all my effort in those hellish days worthwhile.

The kitten has been with us for a week. Feeding him was easy, but the trick was dealing with the fact that the IT still doesn't know the right places to defecate and urinate. Fortunately, Kiyotaka helped me take care of the kiiten, so I didn't have that much work.

Our close friends had also come to visit the kitten and promised not to tell others about it.

However, taking care of a kitten cat is a thing, taking care of an adult cat is a completely different challenge. Kiyotaka and I knew that our time with that little being would be limited. The school would not allow us to maintain it. And then like in a magic trick, the promised day arrived. Chabashira-sensei accompanied by Mashima-sensei appeared at my door

"Chabashira-sensei, how can I help you?"

“Karuizawa, we received a report that you have transgressed the dormitory rules. I would like to get a look in your room now”.

What? How she knows that? Did any of our friends leak it?

"Who invented this ridiculous story, teacher?"

I was so furious, so furious like I never have been before. Who could have leaked about the kitten. I wouldn’t never forget who did that. Those feelings of rage would never disappear. That’s what I thought until another unexpected event was about to happen before my eyes. When Chabashira-sensei started to talk, I could never expect the name of that person would leak from her mouth.

"The name of the person who denounced is..."