Kiyotaka and Kei announcing their relationship

Joint Fanfic #4

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[Ken] A couple of weeks ago, Kei and I wanted our relationship to have some sort of progress. So we decided to announce it in front of our classroom, by "we" I meant her since I don't really know how to put it into words.

[Amel] It was a usual indoor date with Kei on a Sunday evening,.

She was resting her head on my shoulders with a small smile on her face.

I suddenly declared: "let's announce our relationship tomorrow, Kei"

[Amel] Kei was a little shocked and asked an expected question

"Why all of a sudden?"

"Because I don't understand your reasoning for keeping it hidden"

This statement contained emotions I wasn't able to understand

[Sora N] Kei POV


The words were stuck in my throat. Even I want to reveal our relationship but... but…

[Grum] “I’m scared, that’s why… that’s why I didn’t want to reveal it.”

[Amel] "Are you perhaps feeling ashamed of our relationship?" Kiyotaka asked

Of course, that's not it, I am so happy with it, I ..

Kiyotaka's expressions softened, he was able to read through me again.

[Ditz] "There is no way that I would feel that." I said.

The reason why I wanted to hide this relationship was due to me thinking that if I could support Kiyotaka in what he does. After our relationship is revealed my role will change.

[Sora N] Until now, I was his information broken of sorts by being in the top of our class’ hierarchy. If we reveal our relationship, my position might change and I won’t be able to help him anymore.

[Amel] I told him this with a monotone voice, I still want to be helpful to him ... even if it means keeping it secret.

After hearing my words, Kiyotaka approached and hugged me, the same way he did when he confessed to me. The only difference: it was tighter.

[Sora N] His firm embrace on me seemed to melt me away as I leaned into his chest. His slow-steady heartbeat, his body warmth, his hand stroking my head... it all seemed so nice. I really don’t want to lose this.

[Amel] "You don't have to worry about being useful to me anymore, I don't care about it, you are now the dearest person to me and I want it to be like this"

[Amel] His words vibrated inside my head, my happiness was overwhelmed, how can I not...

"i-if this is the case, then I guess it's fine if we announced it". I said as I hugged him back

[Ken] Kiyo POV

Kei was a bit hesitant but she agreed. And then Kei texted everyone in class D that she had something to tell everyone after class ends.

[Sora N] I wonder what came over at that moment? This weird feeling in my chest as if I want to boast about Kei and my relationship to the whole world. Little by little I think I’m beginning to see new things.

[Grum] Perhaps. Just perhaps. Will this finally be the normal, school life that I had longed for?

[Ditz] This will be a big decision for both of us.

[Ken] After class ended with the bell, everyone looked at Kei with looks of curiosity in their faces. Kei then walked up to the front with her face flushed red then looking at me before turning to everyone.

[Ken] Kei POV

“I was hesitant about telling everyone about this, but I knew I...We needed to. Soo... Uhm errr... I'm currently dating somebody right now, and it's not Yosuke-kun as you all know that we have broken up.”

[Grum] “The person I’m dating is Ayanokouji Kiyotaka! And we’ve already been dating for several months now.” I said while heavily blushing.

[Ken] Suzune POV:

At hearing those words Karuizawa-san said, I was honestly surprised. I took a glance at Ayanokouji-kun and saw him approaching the front of the class and stood beside Karuizawa-san.

[Grum] Ayanokouji-kun stood in front of the class and spoke, something he would have never done for the class, yet is willingly doing for Karuizawa-san.

“What she said is true, and we no longer want to keep it hidden from everyone.”

[Wildey] Various questions will arise, that much is inevitable, our classmates will naturally try to get to the bottom of it. After Ayanokouji-kun's perfect Math score, superficial reasons such as status may come into play. However, I realized that their relationship is much stronger than that.

[Ken] Haruka’s POV

I really was surprised at Karuizawa-san's and Kiyopon's words. I took a glance at Airi and saw her face break down to the point that it was actually funny.

[Ditz] Sakura POV

Wha-what.... what did Kiyotaka-Kun just said. I could not hear what the others were saying, the only thing I could see was the blurred image of Kiyotaka-Kun and Karuizawa-San sta-standing.... near each other. I could not take it.

[Sora N] Why?

J-just w-why?

[Wildey] Before I realized it, anger engulfed me and the sadness had all but dissipated...

Why wasn't it me?

Why couldn't I be with Kiyotaka-kun?

He was there for me...

He saved me...

Why was it that girl?

I stood up abruptly and all my classmates turned towards me, I couldn't bear it anymore and I dashed out of the classroom away from their prying eyes.

[Grum] Honami POV

When I saw Sakurai-san storm past our class in the corridor, I had my own suspicions as to what happened.

But those hypotheses were all quickly proven wrong, as the news of what happened spread fast to other classes, including class 2-C: Ayanokouji-kun and Karuizawa-san were dating.

[Ditz] When I heard the news about Ayanokouji-Kun and Karuizawa-San, it was like the ground below my feet just slid.

"W-Wait what?"


My mind was blank. What I could see was just darkness. "Ayanokouji-Kun? Why?"

I collapsed at the spot.

My heart was about to burst.

My head could not comprehend what was going on. I think my classmates are talking to me, I could see their figures gathered around me. But, Ayanokouji-Kun.

"Ha...hahaha....Haha. why?"


[Anonymous] “Ichinose-san are you ok…?”

I could barely hear the cries of my classmates as they tried to bring back to reality.

This overwhelming pain is something I’ve never experienced before, I felt hurt, betrayed, and sick to my stomach. Before when thinking of Ayanokouji-kun i felt relaxed and calm, like nothing can go wrong. But now all i see is him slowly embracing Karuizawa-san.

“Why, why, why?”

I head was spinning and my heart was racing, my breathing is becoming rougher. What is happening? Why is this happening? What did i do wrong?

“This is fault isnt it?”

Its because im weak and cant do anything for myself, im always relying on others and Ayanokouji-kun. I felt happy that he was around and i thought we could grow close, i thought he felt the same since he was always helping me.

That was the breaking point, what do i do now? I dont want to do this? And before i knew it i collapsed onto the ground head first.

[Wildey] Kakeru Ryūen POV

Word spread quickly and it wasn't long before it reached my ears.

Kukukuku, you always seem to surprise me Ayanokōji, now you're fucking the girl you saved like a knight in shining armour from us? Well, it doesn't matter, soon, you will be broken. I will destroy that impenetrable fortress of yours and crush you, the only person who I acknowledge, I will make you beg for mercy. Kukukukuku.

I can't wait for that day, Ayanokōji.

The day I wipe that expressionless look off your face.

[Sora N] Arisu POV


Wonderful play Ayanokouji-kun. Wonderful indeed.

I’m once again amazed at how ruthless you can be fufufu.

It was you who saved Ichinose-san and yet it was you who broke her as well.


With this, I can use her well.

Many thanks Ayanokouji-kun.

[Grum] Kei POV

“You know, Kiyotaka, it actually feels kinda free to no longer be hiding our relationship.”

“Yeah, Kei. Do you think our lives will be different from now on because of the announcement?”

Kiyotaka asked with his usual poker face and calm voice but through his eyes, I saw hints and glimmers of anxiousness but also hope.

“Well it was inevitable, wasn’t it? Besides, even if our daily lives change, we’ll still be here for each other, won’t we?”


I unconsciously started smiling due to joy. Finally, our relationship is no longer just something private but something both of us have accepted and others will have to accept it as well.

Because we’re never going to leave each other.

“Hey Kiyotaka, how about we go out for a date this weekend? Somewhere NOT in our rooms.”