Lil fluff piece about KiyoKei

Fanfic by /u/timthegreat0327

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Mama, how did you fall in love with Daddy?”, a blond mess of hair popped up above the counter. A pair of chocolate hazel eyes peered at Kei innocently.

Kei stopped stirring the chocolate for a second and began to ponder.

“Umm..”, her wandering eyes went around the room until they met with Ayanokoji’s who was sitting on the couch quietly reading.

Their child, Kyota , watched curiously at the mental battle they seem to be having. Kei gestured urgently at Ayanokoji and put her hands up in a helpless gesture. Kei usually teased him about it and Kiyotaka had to always take the brunt of it. Kei hadn’t anticipated her daughter would ask so soon. Ayanokoji shrugged his shoulders and gave a little smile as if to say, “It’s up to you”

Kei pouted her cheeks a little before sticking her tongue out towards Ayanokoji.

Seeing that Kyota was still bouncing up and down impatiently for her answer, she gave in.

“Well, it all started in high school. Your mom was very popular and had a lot of friends so she didn’t see get to see your daddy a lot of the time because he was so shy”, A devious smile flickered across her face. Ayanokoji shifted a little uneasily.

“ He was hopelessly in love with me because of how smart and cool and talented I was”, She waved around the ladle she mixed the batter with, “ He would always try to ask me out on dates but I refused because he was kinda weird”, she ended the sentence smugly.

Ayanokoji briefly opened his mouth before his wife gave him a death stare. Closing his mouth, he resumed reading his book.

“ But one day, I decided to go out on one date with him just to see how it would go. Your father was so happy he started singing at the top of his lungs”, Kei and her child giggled at the thought of the stoic Kiyotaka bursting into song.

“Haha, Daddy was a loser, wasn’t he?”

Ayanokoji seemed to have doubled over for some reason. A slight trace of embarrassment could be seen on his face.

“Eto, I need to call the office about something”, Kiyotaka excused himself before walking out of the living room.

Kei giggled at the sight of her husband walking away. When she got the chance to tease her husband and when she did she delighted in it. Kei hummed a happy tune as she put the cookies in the oven.

Three years. It took three years after they had graduated for them to get married. The hardships and sweet times they shared together made her past seem like a bad dream. Kei smiled to herself when she remembered the first night they spent together. They were curled up together in Kei’s room at the high school. Ayanokoji whispered into her ear the same promise he had made with her when they first met. And the rest was history.

“So what made you fall in love with him than?”, Kyota walked with Kei over to the counter as Kei began placing the cookies on a cooling tray.

“ Your father was actually very cool one time. Mama was lost one time and a group of bullies tried to hurt her, but your father came to the rescue. He was like a prince, ya know?”

“ Ehhh? So papa can actually be cool sometimes.”, Kyota's eyes widened with astonishment.

Kei laughed at her surprise. “ Yep, he can be cool. The cookies are done. How about you call your father?” She patted Kyota’s head.

“ But then how did I get here?”, Kyota tilted her head inquisitively.

Kei froze for a second. “Eto... umm, I know! You should ask your father.” She pointed towards Kiyotaka as he made his way into the kitchen.


“ Hello darling” A small smile crossed his face as he picked her up.

“Daddy, how did I get here?”

Kiyo glanced at Kei. Kei looked at him pleadingly.

“ Your mother and I came home late one night and- “

“Kiyo!”, Kei shrieked as her face turned red.

“ Sorry, sorry”


His apologetic smile turned into laughter as Kei joined in.

Kyota looked at them both strangely. She never did get her question answered, but that didn’t matter. The cookies were done and they were eating them together, as a family.