The Day of the Class Poll Exam

Fanfic by Hades_Kerbex#6177.

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It is a beautiful day today. The sun has just come up and the scenery from the first year dormitories is breathtaking.

In one of these rooms, a girl with long blonde hair is asleep--or was asleep

*yawns* "Oh? It's morning already. I didn't even realize


'So today's the day huh. Yes, that's right today is the day of the class poll exam. Today will be the last day of this school for whoever student ends up with the most censure votes.' Kei thought to herself

The Class Poll Exam--A special exam prepared by the acting director Tsukishiro to expel a student many people know as Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. In this exam, each student in a class gets three praise votes and a censure vote. All of them have to vote for other students of their own class. The student who ends up with the most praise votes will receive a protection point and the student who receives the most censure votes will be expelled. In addition to this, students from other classes can also give a praise vote each to one student of the other class.

''Well whatever it's not like I have anything to worry about. Well being the gyaru leader of class 1-D girls has its own benefits I guess" Kei said while stretching her arms and opening the window to let some cool breeze in

"No---Wait! actually there is something to worry about or more specifically someone. And That someone is Ayanoukouji Kiyotaka. The whole class except a few students is planning to concentrate the censure votes on Kiyotaka. The reason according to them being that he doesn't stand out and hasn't contributed to the class much."

"Well only on the surface that is"

'I told Kiyotaka about this and as always he was very calm. I mean how can someone possibly be calm in a situation like this where expulsion is basically set in stone. Seriously Kiyotaka is so cool. No wait--! This isn't the time to admire Kiyotaka' she thought while hurriedly brushing her teeth and getting ready for the day

'Yes Today I woke up early to go and check on that guy about whether or not he has a plan. I mean it's Kiyotaka we're talking about so he obviously would have one. The way he was so relaxed yesterday shows that he does have something up his sleeves or wait maybe he has just accepted his fate and won't fight back!?'

"No no no!! This can't be happening. And now I'm panicking. No this isn't the time to panic Kei. If you want to know then you must go to his room and ask him yourself. Yes, that is correct I will go to his room right away" Kei said to encourage herself

---10 Minutes Later---

"Alright I'm here. Let's ring the doorbell"

Kei was about to ring the doorbell but she suddenly stopped. Her fingers stopped moving and were completely frozen centimeters away from the doorbell. Why did this happen?

Well because---

'Wait!!--- This is actually my first time visiting Kiyotaka's room!!!! What if he becomes uncomfortable about me visiting him without any prior notice? What if he doesn't want to see me right now? What if ......' And now she got lost in her thoughts

Well yes since it was Kei's first time entering her crush's room she became extremely self-conscious. Indecisiveness could be seen all over her face as she couldn't decide what to do

'What if he does not like what I'm wearing right now!? How should I greet him? Maybe enter his room and talk like I own the place? No that would be way too rude. But he's also always so mean to me.'

Ah mou!!!! What should I d---


Just then Kei heard the elevator ding. She started panicking and tried to ring the doorbell but it would take too long for the door to open. Kei started to wrack her brain when she remembered that Kiyotaka gave her a Spare card for entering his room. She quickly opened her purse and took out the key and violently swung open his room door, swiftly closing it behind her

"Phew that was close I almost got caught" Kei muttered to herself while taking a breather

Kei was standing in the doorway when she realized that she was in Kiyotaka's room right now without even asking for his permission.

"I might be able to catch him in an embarrassing situation or maybe he is doing something perverted hehe but knowing him the chances of that are extremely low" Kei muttered to herself while showing a mischievous grin and becoming disappointed right after

"Well I'm here so I might as well talk to him and clear my mind off of my worries."

"Umm... Kiyotaka sorry for barging in without your consent. I just wanted to confirm somethings with you regarding your---"Kei was speaking in a loud voice while entering his room when she saw--

Yes there he was




Her prince charming

or rather a name more befitting this spectacle

"Her sleeping beauty"

Yes Ayanokouji Kiyotaka was sound asleep on his bed with a very relaxed expression on his face

At this moment Kei was just standing there dumbfounded as to what to do. Then suddenly she realized something

'oh wait!!---Kiyotaka is asleep right now so that means---I can do anything y..y..yes A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G' Kei thought to herself while making a face like a hunter seeing it's helpless prey

Kei instantly started daydreaming with her face becoming redder by the second.

She started picturing a scene of her and Kiyotaka sitting on a bed with rose petals around them. Kiyotaka leans toward Kei and now they're so close to each-other that they can feel each-other's warm breath and then Kiyotaka softly whispers in Kei's ears "Kei..... spread your legs" and then-------

She suddenly slapped herself on the face.

'Ah mou!!!! W-W-Wh-What was I imagining. NO no no Kei since when did you become this perverted!?' She thought to herself while being as red as a tomato

"A-Anyways keeping my lewd delusions aside, Kiyotaka's room is very empty. Well I wouldn't expect any more from him but he doesn't even have any personal belongings like family photos or nostalgic souvenirs or something...." Kei muttered while looking around to distract herself from her imagination

'Oh!! I know I should Look around Kiyotaka's room while he's asleep. Who knows I might find some dirty magazines hidden here and there'

---15 minutes later---

"Honestly why did I even expect to find something good" Kei said in an almost inaudible voice while showing a defeated expression

Hmm....And now I'm tired"

Kei was now sitting on a chair with her eyes fixated on the sleeping beauty that is Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. For some reason she couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was such a mysterious person. If Kei could go go back in time and tell her past self from 6 months ago that she would fall in love with such a guy she would've never believed and went to a doctor for checkup. Seriously, if this isn't destiny then what is?

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is such an unusual existence. He was a complete paradox, always self-contradictory. How can someone be a genius and an idiot at the same time' Kei thought while giggling to herself

Even then he was a very dangerous existence. Not because of his abilities or his crazy fighting skills. It was because if there was one word to define him then....

Ayanokouji was a drug that Kei was now addicted to...

While Kei was lost in thought she didn't notice that she was now leaning in front of his face with their lips mere inches away. She felt drawn to him. This moment was hers and she wanted to live it to the fullest.

So, she closed her eyes and subconsciously smiled while getting closer. As the distance between them was reducing, her little heart was beating rapidly like a time bomb that could go off at any second, the sound of which was reverberating throughout the room. This short span of time of mere seconds felt like an eternity. Then finally their lips were about to meet when-----


The alarm which Kiyotaka had set for 7am beside his bed went off and Kiyotaka woke up to see a very embarrassed Kei very close to his own face ........................