Ayanokouji X Karuizawa Date PART 1

Fanfic by /u/DeaKmiZ

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Up until now, this one day held no particular meaning, but that is not the case today. In my entire life for the first time, I'm having a date with my 'girlfriend'. I wonder what kind of day it seems for Kei.

" ...Somehow, this is a mysterious feeling ".

Up until now, I have never participated in an act that could be described as a One-on-One date. When I had the chance to practice, Kei barged in ( The Christmas Double date ). That's why you could say, there are parts that I don't understand. But I know that it'll be easier than going out with any other girl.

Because when I'm with Kei, I don't have to hide the truth.

I'm expecting her to ask about my past, I don't think I need to hide it from her anymore, but, I'll keep the Tsukishiro matter for another time. Because I am such a person that it could be said that today's date carries a significant meaning. However, I know it'll work out. Unlike Satou, Kei is much easier to deal with, it's probably because I'm used to her.

" Anyway, Let's get going ".

I left my room and descended via the elevator to the dorm's lobby. Kei told me that she will take care of preparations since she knows that it's something I'm not capable of ...

She told me to meet her in Keyaki mall at 11:15.

Having arrived at the meeting spot, I checked the time. It's already 11:21. Where the hell is she? I thought I would piss her off a bit arriving late but apparently, she's the one arriving late. Raising my head while thinking that, I saw Kei who was heading towards me. Soon enough, our eyes met, Kei became all beet red. She turned around and held her face. I trotted over and closed the distance between us. As I came to a stop, a scent that moderately tickled my nose came. 'Kei wearing perfume, huh'

" Did I keep you waiting? "

I wanted to tease her a bit, so

" Uh-huh "

" You are supposed to say 'I just arrived here', you know "

" I don't like cliché lines "

She glares at me for a sec

" Anyway, What do you think "

She spread her hands to let me see her outfit. She was wearing the necklace I gave her. That's what caught my attention.

A second later her expression turned grim while covering her breasts. She said

" Where are you looking at, Hentai "

"Huh? "

Does she think that I was looking at her boobs? No ...

She smiled and hit me on the top of my head

" Of course, I would be wearing it "

While holding my head

" Can you stop teasing me already "

This day will be fun I became even more certain of it.

Immediately afterward, from behind me, someone called out. As I looked back there was Nagumo Miyabi " The Student Council President". What does this guy want from me? I got a feeling of Déja-Vu for some reason.

By the way, beside Nagumo, there were other student council members. One of them was Ichinose Honami.

" Hahaha, you guys look like you're married, A new couple, huh. Weren't you Hirata's ex-girlfriend? "

I know that this Nagumo dude has a scary aura around him. Still, Kei didn't hesitate and smiled while responding to him

" I appreciate the compliment, and yeah I was Hirata-Kun girlfriend "

I could see Ichinose trying her best to cover her red face.

" Can I ask what caught your interest in Ayanokouji to make you dump even someone like Hirata who's said to be one of the best students in your grade? "

" I just followed my heart nothing more nothing less "

Silence fell upon us. Nagumo advanced towards me steadily. His eyes were fixed on mine, to ease the situation Kei spoked up

" Nagumo-Senpai ?? "

" I heard you fought against Sakayanagi and lost at the last exam "

" Well, It can't be helped. She's a class A student and class D did their best "

" Was Horikita-Senpai overestimating your capabilities? Because I could clearly see that he placed you as someone who can even oppose me "

The last person I want them to hear this talk is Ichinose-san. Is he doing it on purpose?

" Ayanokouji, you see Sakayanagi is a friend of mine and I know how much pride she takes in herself. When I tried to congratulate her on beating you and class D folks. She wasn't happy at all, I was expecting her to tell me 'it's only natural that they don't stand a chance against me'. Do you know what do I conclude from her behavior? " She probably won the battle but lost the war " that's my conclusion "

" You have quite a good imagination but you're overthinking it "

Then he turns around and says

" Don't forget about our promise, Ayanokouji "

He's talking about when he said he wanted me to be his opponent this year since the elder Horikita is leaving

" I never promised anything "

" Come on, Ayanokouji unless you want me to force you into action "

And he glances at Kei, Uncouncisely I stepped forward and said

" If something bad happened to Kei. I would get ready for a hellish storm if I were you "

" That's the spirit Ayankouji-Sama! "

With those words, Nagumo leaves.

Immediately afterward, Kei hugs my arm

" Shall we go now, it's already 11:50 "

" Yeah, but where to? "

" Follow me it's a surprise "

While smiling, Kei said that to me... And like this the first date between the new lovers began

To be Continued