At the end of it all, an enjoyable day, together?

Fanfic by Wildey

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The stage was finally set for the “Uninhabited Island Survival” special exam. Without a doubt, this special exam would be the largest that Kōdo Ikusei has ever seen before and for good reason, it would shed light on who the school's top students were but more importantly determine whether or not I would be expelled and sent back to the White Room.

As I looked up at the unrelenting sun, rivulets of sweat poured down my forehead. The heat served as a stark reminder that July was nearly over. I thought back on my discussion with Tsukishiro in April after I received a perfect score in math; he had planned to expel me at the time with the special exam that saw the second-years partner up with the first-years.


Unexpectedly, Tsukishiro's plan had gone awry due to the White Room student's actions or lack thereof.

"Hello? earth to Kiyotaka."

Under these circumstances it wouldn't be unnatural if Tsukishiro pressured for an increased budget for this upcoming special exam. No, to be more precise, there was a high possibility that this had already happened. After all, time constraints were his biggest weakness and he was adamant on getting me to leave the school. Achieving this would be no small feat however as doing so would mean he had to silence the other parties of the school. As a consequence, his days of staying as the temporary chairman would most likely be numbered.

In any case, this would be my final face-off with Tsukishiro.

"Mou! Kiyotaka!"

My train of thought was broken by a sweet voice, it was a voice that belonged to my girlfriend, Kei. Although the fact that we were dating still remained a secret to my classmates, a select few knew about my special relationship with Kei.

"Kiyotaka, did you not hear me calling your name? you know I called out your name, like, three times?! geez, you're unbelievable." she exclaimed. Kei justifiably reprimanded me, her cheeks were puffed out as she was pouting and her violet eyes were glistening due to the small tears that had built up.

"I apologise Kei, I was thinking about something" I said, half-heartedly.

I was too engrossed in my reverie that I had failed to notice Kei who had been calling out my name right beside me.

Kei froze for a moment, she replied abruptly "take this!" as she simultaneously moved forward flicking me gently on the forehead with her middle finger... although I said her voice was sweet, I couldn't say the same about what she just did.

Of course, it didn't hurt at all but I decided to feign as if it did.

"Ouch." I put my palm over my forehead and stated an interjection used to express pain in a monotone voice, my acting skills weren't very good so hopefully I got the point across.

I had hunched over and looked towards my left so that she wasn't able to make out my face. Kei was understandably confused but when I kept this up for a few moments longer, I could see that she became visibly more concerned through the corner of my eye.

"Ah, sorry, did I hurt you? I didn't mean to..." she spoke in a soft, loving tone. Kei reached out towards me but I immediately sat upright which must have surprised her as she made a small, high-pitched yelping sound similar to that of a tiny animal. It was adorable to say the least.

Kei already knew that something like that wouldn't be able to hurt me but to see her so worried for my well-being made me genuinely happy, it was a strange and unfamiliar feeling but I couldn't say that I disliked it.

"Sorry, I was only pretending to be injured. Did I fool you?" I teasingly replied, I decided to come clean and tell her the reality of the situation, however, part of me knew that she was playing along. For some reason, I wanted to see different sides of Kei, sides that nobody had ever seen before, sides exclusively for my eyes and my eyes only. I hoped for such a selfish thing as I met Kei's gaze.

"W-what?! Kiyotaka... y-you..." she retorted, glaring. I could see Kei's cheeks become visibly redder and redder, she was huffing and puffing to no end.

"You?" I interrupted her, partly because I wanted to see her cute, flustered reaction for longer but also because I was unsure of what she was going to say.

"You idiot!" she exclaimed.

So it was something like that, huh?

Kei raised her clenched fist towards me, at this point, I closed my eyes and braced for the inevitable...

I thought about formulating a strategy in order to placate her but it seems that there was no need.

Kei placed her left hand over my left hand and then enveloped it with her right hand, she comforted me as she spoke.

"How is your left hand?" she said. Her eyes showed deep concern and as such put me at ease. Horikita had asked a similar question not too long ago but when it was Kei who was the one asking, it was if, as if... the chains around my heart started to unravel and break apart, slowly, bit by bit.

The warmth of her hands which enveloped my left hand was by no means uncomfortable, in actuality, it was pleasing; it made me recount my conversation with Sakayanagi not long after our chess rematch. She told me that people learn of warmth when they touch each other, and that’s a very precious thing. The warmth of another human is by no means a bad thing.

"Please remember that..."

At the time, I asked her what she meant since I didn't understand what she was trying to say but... now I do.

I understood what I was feeling...

It was...

It was...

It was love, and I was experiencing it through the person who was the most dearest to me.

However, I suppose thinking of another girl when I was with the one who was most precious to me is inconsiderate.


"My left hand is fine, Kei, it's slowly recovering, thank you" he replied.

Kiyotaka reassured me by saying that and I thought back on what that kid Amasawa said...

She had participated in a special exam that would see the person who got Kiyotaka expelled twenty million private points as a reward.

My blood boiled just thinking about such an absurd special exam.

As I calmed down, I thought to myself. As a reward, for such a high amount of points to be offered, not to mention an exam solely focused on expelling a single student. Kiyotaka truly must be an amazing person...

Although, it's a little embarrassing. I kinda realise why I fell in love with him.

I didn't want to become a burden for him. I wanted to be just a little more useful to him. That sorta thing was unavoidable right?

He selflessly provided me with a little over five hundred thousand private points and the 'Half Off' card to ensure that I wouldn't be expelled yet he's going into a special exam fully knowing of the danger without a second thought.

How could I accept that?

It's simple, I couldn't.

"Kiyotaka, I don't want you to get expelled! if you need the private points or the card back I can do that!" I said, frantically.

However, Kiyotaka shaked his head and replied, affirmingly "Kei, I won't get expelled. I promise you that." he slowly placed his hand on top of my head and I rested it on his shoulders.

I clutched the heart-shaped necklace which he gifted to me and truly wished for what he said to be true… we sat side by side on the coach to the cruise ship which awaited to transport us to the island for the special exam.

With Kiyotaka, hopefully at the end of it all, we could have an enjoyable day, together...