Sleeping Beauty KiyoKei

Fanfic by Zheeyah

We haven't spent a lot of time together lately because of the cultural festival preparations. Kei and I both have to help the class, thus we can't meet for a moment.

She didn't volunteer to be the maid, but she nevertheless assisted them with the serving tactics. According to the other people's opinions, they believed Kei wasn't the best candidate to service customers, however they were entirely mistaken.

Her headstrong and egoistic personality are just a fake actions by Kei. So she's simply adaptable with any environment.

With that, she taught the girls how to handle the customers.

Although she isn't as outstanding as Kushida, her understanding was incredible too.

This is a characteristic that sets Kushida and Kei apart.

Kei is incredibly aware of her surroundings and knows how to behave in the right proportion.

Kushida, on the other hand, is skilled at winning over customers' heart.

Simply said, while Kushida is a living-service person, Kei only acts as much as necessary.

"Kei, aren't you interested to be a maid as well?"

"Eh? Why are you asking about that?"

When I posed the question to Kei, she was astounded.

She just came to my room a minute ago, she sat in the bed next to me. "I mean, perhaps you want to use that maid outfit too."

"Don't tell me want to see me dressed as a maid, do you?”

Basically, if we're friends or classmates, this was embarrassing question. But since I am her lover, I have no reason to be flustered by that inquiry. On the other hand, I have the right to ask Kei for it personally.

"It's expected to see my girlfriend in cute outfit right? Don't you want to show off about it to me, Kei?"

I thought she would be flustered now.

Kei, though, smiled at me and gave me a tight hug.

“I don't want to be a customer serving person, and I also think it would be too difficult for me to be a maid at a cultural festival."

Kei stopped for a seconds and then giggled, "I can borrow a maid outfit from Maya-chan for a little period of time if you really want to see me serving you in this room while wearing it. Obviously just the two of us."

It's an extremely risky request.

I pushed Kei gently because I was in a dangerous situation, which caused Kei to lift her head and look at me bewildered.

"You don't like it?"

"It's not like that..." What should I answer?

If I say I want to see her in maid outfit, Kei will probably accuse me of being just as horny as the other males in my class. Obviously, I am not as degenerated as they are.

And if say I don't want to, she will get upset because I don't show any interest to her.

Which one is the best answer at this situation?

I can't promise that my reaction was the best one, but I'm hoping it will at least partially please Kei.

"As your boyfriend, I would like to see you dressed as a maid. And you're right Kei; I don't want you to show off in front of any guys, even if they are merely customers. Also I don't think you can't bother Satou and other people with your request to borrow their outfit. You're not part of them, if you asked it carelessly, I am afraid they will find it as troublesome request."


Kei seemed understand my point.

"I see, you really have good advice, Kiyotaka!" Again, Kei tightened her hug.

Perhaps because of situation or something else, somehow we ended lying on the bed. With Kei on top of me, she simply leaned in close to my shoulder and asked me casually.

"You like reading books, do you?"

That was an unexpected question in this intimate situation.

"Yes, I do."

"So, do you know about a folk story like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and others?"

That's names were unfamiliar for me. "Unfortunately, I never hear any of them."

"Seriously? You never know about these? How could you say you're a bookworm!"

Ugh... It's quite rude. To some extent, I do enjoy reading.

But that doesn't mean I'm familiar with every type of book in the world. If Kei is a book, she is one of those I never know and understand too.

"To be honest, I don't like this story; as a child, I thought it was pretty stupid. But I've recently become quite related to it."

"Do you think so?"

"Yeah, it's The Sleeping Beauty."

"Do you mean you think you're beautiful even when you're sleeping, Kei? You're a narcissist, aren't you?"

"Oh, shut up! It's not like that, you're idiot."

She's embarrassed.

"Sorry, please continue the story, Kei."

My teasing caused her to pout. Finally, something I had been looking forward to.

Kei had recently been used by my teasing, and she was no longer embarrassed by a sudden kiss. So I'm at a loss as to where to look for her weakness. Fortunately, Kei is such an easy target since the beginning. This girl was very easy getting flustered.

"The Sleeping Beauty is the story of a princess who is enchanted by an evil witch. She can only awaken from her eternal sleep if she is kissed by her destined true love. In this story, a charming prince rescued the sleeping beauty and broke the curse."

I heard her explanation quitely.

"And I just think it's very similar to me. Before I met you, I was just an unconscious princess who couldn't do anything on her own. You saved me and made this the happiest moment of my life."

Kei's eyes sparkled. Those purple orbs beautifully reflect my golden pupils. Kei seemed to be looking for my honest thoughts on this. She seemed to be very interested in knowing my true feelings at this time.


"Nah, what are you thinking, Kiyotaka? You seemed have a problem with my explanation."

"Am I?"

"Yes, you are."

Well, it's Kei after all. She knows me well, so I can't easily escape from this question.

"To be honest, it doesn't make sense to me."

"Which part?"

"In your story, the sleeping beauty awoke after the prince kissed her, right?"


"Does that mean she'll be unconscious and hopeless if the prince doesn't come to save her?"

"Sadly, yes."

"Don't you think it's wrong, Kei? Why do you want to be equated with the Sleeping Beauty? If the prince does not appear, she is nothing more than a sleeping beauty with no authority over her own life."

"Because it is true that you help me in my darkest times. If it isn't you, I won't be my current self. Indeed, I never consider myself to be the main character in any story. Since you came to my life, my world has revolved only around you, Kiyotaka."

Her response was bold, as if she didn't expect me to disagree with her determination. Kei was... certain about this.

But it doesn't sound right to me.

Why does she sell her world so easily?

Especially for someone like me, her boyfriend from high school. To someone who had previously threatened her, betrayed her, and wasn't sure would reciprocate her feelings as much as she did.

To me... Someone who, perhaps, does not deserve this love.

Why does Kei give me those sincere words?

"I believe you still have some issues with my answer, right?"

Kei, as expected, recognised that her answer did not satisfy me.

However, she had no intention of explaining it further. Instead, she began to express her thoughts about this folk.

"Totellyouthetruth,Kiyotaka.Insteadofthehopeless SleepingBeauty.My main complaint is directed at the prince."

"Can you explain why?"

Kei twisted her eyebrow, as if she didn't really want to answer. Neverthless, she eventually opened her mouth and looked at me with trepidation.

"The prince approached her and kissed her without her permission. Even though he did help the Sleeping Beauty by releasing her from the curse, however did she ask him to do so?"


"I'm also curious about his interest in the sleeping beauty. Why does he kiss an unconscious hopeless girl? What is his goal? Is that love? Is it love at first sight? Is it his lustful desire, or something else?"

I can see why Kei is sceptical about this story.

However, I have the impression that the words were also directed at me.

"Why were you interfering in my life? Why did you help me at that time? Did you truly love me? Was there anything behind your actions and genuineness toward me? Kiyotaka, what is your true intention?"

It's as if Kei was asking me through her questions.

However, that question was not told to be answered. Kei simply inquired, with no expectation of receiving an answer from me.

In the end, she just lied on my chest, slowly closing her eyes; I can feel her faint breath in my neck. I could feel her heartbeat alongside mine as our warmth spread. It's like a soothing melody, and she's very calm at the moment. This situation does not bother me at all.

In the other case, I should admit it. I enjoy being in this situation with Kei. The environment is always peaceful when I am with her, and she never forces me to do anything I don't want to do.

Indeed, she can be bothersome at times, but it never annoys me. Regardless, I enjoy this situation.

Then, after a moment of silence. Kei fixed her gaze on me.

"If I was the sleeping beauty, would you kiss me to wake me up, Kiyotaka? If you look at her close-up like this, she was adorable.

"I want to wake you up, but I don't want to be the prince who kisses the princess carelessly without her permission."

Kei chuckled because of my answer.

"What if I give you a permission? Would you like to kiss me?"

"Yes I would, but could I ask the princess something as well?"

"Oh, so the prince has a request? It's interesting, go on. Tell me what you want."

"Don't be like the Sleeping Beauty, don't let yourself be unconscious and hopeless until someone comes to save you. Just be yourself, Kei; you're not a hopeless princess who requires her prince to wake her up. You can stand tall by yourself, with or without me. You are more precious than the Sleeping Beauty. You're Karuizawa Kei right now, and you'll always be Karuizawa Kei in the future."

Kei became speechless as a result of my words, and then she smiled brightly.

"May I say something to my prince as well?"

"Go on."

"You came into my life without my permission and intervened. Not only that, but you're the one who asked me out and gave me hope. If someday you will go, you should ask my permission before going to. Don't come and leave as you please, Kiyotaka."

So these are our promises, then?

Kei will always stand tall for her sake, with or without me.

In the other hand, I, shouldn't leave her without telling her anything. At the very least, she wants to be the person who knows where I am going to.

"I see, I understand Kei. I will do my best to fulfill your request."

Kei nodded and faintly whispered in my ear, "I am not your momentarily book. If you chose me as your learning book, you should be aware there is no final page in it. I am your eternal lesson for the rest of your life, Kiyotaka."