Ayanokouji X Karuizawa Date PART 3

Fanfic by /u/DeaKmiZ

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Even though Kiyotaka is someone very smart and has top class looks, he never had a girlfriend. Well, it's only natural when you see what he's doing, it's really fucked up.

In our modern world, communication skills are a large factor in one's popularity. That is something that is fundamentally lacking in Kiyotaka. No matter how good he is at sports, if it's not accompanied by other elements, the degree of his popularity will not extend any further. That's why Yousuke-Kun is more popular than Kiyotaka.

If Kiyotaka shows off his talent and starts standing out, than in itself would make his evaluation even higher than that of Yousuke-Kun, But I believe that Kiyotaka will be getting more attention from girls and boys since he's dating me "Hirata-Kun's ex-girlfriend".

He should be aware of that already. I always thought he didn't want to stand out but I don't know anymore, is he going to reveal his strength? Or is he going to keep hiding in the shadows?

I was lost in thoughts but I heard a gentle voice which said

" Here you go, Miss "

A guy wearing a white uniform, it wasn't the school uniform puts two plates on the table, Before I even realize I was with Kiyotaka on a date for the first time.

it's the first real date I had in my life, I need to get my shit together, I'm the experienced one here and it's my mission to lead the date to success plus this is a good opportunity to know more about Kiyotaka as person.

" Say Kiyotaka, You know that dating me will get you more popular and I thought you liked being in the shadows "

" Of course, I'm well aware of that "

" Just to let you know, A lot of people will be suspecting your abilities since you became my boyfriend "

" I already know that "

Keeping his usual poker facer. My words kept bouncing back at me ' Ahhhh mouuuu'.

" Are you going to reveal your power? "

" I will be. But, I will take it slowly because if I constantly get full marks in every exam I will definitely be the center of everyone's attention, so I'd rather be the guy who improved during the year progress than the guy hiding his abilities "

" Come on mouuuu, you can get full marks on every exam if you want while I'm struggling "

" Well now I can help you with studies anytime it doesn't have to be in the middle night " ( in vol 9 Kei asks Kiyotaka to help her in studying he agreed on one condition and it is he will help her studying in the night )

" Well, I'd appr ... I'd appreciate that "

Focus Kei I'm a popular gyaru everyone knows it would be lame struggling every time I need to thank him or tell him my feelings.

Anyway, I'd like to know the answer to this question I'm gonna make spit it out if necessary.

" Kiyotaka, More importantly, which middle school are you from? "

" It's a secret "

I guess it's already expected.

" You promised you'd tell me "

" did I? "

" Kiyotaka, someone like you can't be from a normal school I'd like to know where can they teach kids like you "

" You asked me the same question that day, do you remember? "

" Yeah and you said it's a secret and I told I will make tell me one day and since now I'm your girlfriend it's only natural that you trust me enough to tell me "

" Well, I told you to give me a hypothesis that day right? "

" Unlike you, I don't have a monstrous memory then what have I said Ayanokoji-sama "

" If this were a manga, I'd say you are an agent who was raised strictly in a facility ever since childhood, or something along those lines. I don't know, I cannot think of anything else except that. That's what you said "

" Could it be that you're telling me what I said was accurate? Oii your life is like a manga, are you serious!? "

" Well since the moment I was born I was put in a facility called 'White room' it's designed to make perfect humans I was strictly raised there that's how I'm pretty good at academics and athletism "

" Oi seriously this is way deeper than what I thought ... "