Drunk KiyoKei Fanfic

Fanfic by Grum

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KiyoKei Drunk Fanfic

Kiyotaka’s perspective:

Walking under the star-filled skies of Central Tokyo, the tall buildings gleaming with brilliant lights. Each of them plastered with unique billboards, each having a different flair that tries to capture our attention, the center of commercialization in Japan. The streets were brimming with people going about their own business. Workers coming home after a long day’s work, friends walking with each other after a party and a certain pair of people.

Walking next to me was a girl with beautiful gold-colored hair, bewitching violet eyes and so many more features that I fell in love with, Karuizawa Kei. On her beautiful face was a smile so genuine that I wanted to burn it into my memory.

She was wearing stylish clothes that captured the sense of fashion. Wrapped around her neck was a white scarf, probably to warm her from any lingering cold of the dying winter. Her clothes were too trendy compared to what I, the man standing next to her, was wearing.

I wore a plain white, long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of black trousers. Draped around me was a dark gray trench coat chosen by Kei to make sure my poor taste in fashion didn’t ruin her night.

This wasn’t just any night for her, this was her 20th birthday, the 8th of March; and she insisted that I go out drinking with her now that she had reached the legal age requirement in Japan. After we had some grilled dishes as dinner at a nearby restaurant, we walked to a bar in Central Tokyo that she had picked beforehand.

From beside me came a cute little voice.

“Kiyotaka, I’m so excited! I’m going to get to drink for the first time! You saved your first time drinking until now as I told you right?”

“Of course, Kei. This will be the first time I’m drinking as well.”

“Great! Now I can see how you look like when you’re defenseless! So much for your serious personality, right? Hehe.”

I only chuckled at her amusement. “I’m sorry, Kei. I don’t think I will get drunk. My body is particularly strong compared to normal standards after all”

“Huh?! That’s no fun. Well, we won’t know unless we try! Maybe you’re actually a really weak drinker and trying to make excuses.”

I could only smile back. I didn’t say anything in reply and cut that topic short.

We talked back and forth a bit more about the dinner we just had and before we knew it, we had arrived in front of the bar.

We took a seat at the counter and the bartender came towards us to ask us for our orders. (from here on, I don’t know if I’m correct in the portrayal of a Japanese bar as the bars in my imagination are based on the western ones)

“What a lovely couple, what can I get you today?”

“Ah, it’s my first time drinking today. I just turned 20, you see. What would you recommend a beginner who’s hoping to get drunk for the first time”

“A beginner eh? I wouldn’t recommend any strong drinks. For someone’s who drinking for the first time, a classic shot of liquor would be most suitable. That said, what will this gentleman have?”

I smiled and glanced at Kei before I answered, amusing her assumptions about me being a weak drinker.

“I’ll take the strongest drink you have”

Kei and the bartender looked at me in surprise.

The bartender looked straight into my eyes. After he saw that I was dead serious, he laughed and amused me.

“The strongest drink we have eh? Haha, looks like you have one daring boyfriend, young girl. But I have to warn you. It’s not our strongest drink for no reason. It has put even wine connoisseurs to sleep, you still up for the challenge?”

“Do I look like I’m not sure?”

He then just laughed and walked away to prepare our orders.

“Kiyotaka, why did you order the strongest drink, it isn’t going to be healthy for your first time drinking”

I retained my calm demeanor. Answering that question would be tiring, just ignoring would be less time-consuming. Kei gave up after a few more attempts at trying to get me to speak.

The bartender quickly came back to give us our drinks.

“Here you go, a shot of liquor for the young lady and our strongest drink for the young man. Since it has a BAC level of 0.35, I’ll be keeping a lookout in case it gets out of hand.”

Apparently it was a very strong drink. 0.35 was no joke; it could and would probably put an inexperienced drinker to a deep slumber. Regardless, in front of Kei, I couldn’t possibly falter.

I took a sip with Kei and the bartender looking expectantly and worryingly. The drink was strong, my throat was practically burning. Regardless, I could still maintain sobriety.

After a few minutes passed by, my poker face was still firm. The bartender realized that this drink was still weak compared to my tolerance.

I looked at Kei to see if she had already taken her shot. She was eyeing her drink nervously.

“Kiyotaka, I don’t know if I’m ready. Even if it’s just a shot, I haven’t ever come in contact with alcohol before. You’ll take care of me, won’t you?”

“Of course I will, Kei. And you just turned 20, even the law recognizes that you’re ready for it. Now drink up, birthday girl.”

Kei gave me one last anxious glance then took the shot. Her face cringed at the taste. I wished I could have taken a picture of her when she drank alcohol for the first time. I’ll have to settle with burning it into my memory.

“Huh? This is strange, I don’t feel drowsy at all?”

While Kei was looking around as if confused, I continued to sip my drink peacefully, waiting for the poison to seep into Kei’s system. A few minutes later, the show started.

“Kiyotakaaaaaaa, I feel so refreshed! I didn’t know alcohol could make me feel like this, I want to drink this everydaaaayyy!”

Only now did I notice a fatal flaw. I did not know how to deal with a drunk girl, let alone a drunk Kei.

“Come ooon, Kiyotaka. You should be drunk as well! Bartender, two more shots, please!”

“I haven’t finished my drink, Kei. And you should go easy on the alcohol”

“Mouuuu~ you’re no fun Kiyotaka. Come on drink more with me!”

The bartender, while taking the bottle of whiskey, eyed us amusingly, as if enjoying the sight of a girl drunk for the first time and her boyfriend trying to deal with her appropriately.

I glared at him to say “you could help me, you know?” He only chuckled at me then looked away. He came back a few moments later with our two shots in hand.

Kei took her shot and gulped it up immediately. I left it on the counter for now because I have yet to finish my original drink.

“Aaaaahh, that’s so refreshiiinng! I never knew alcohol was this wonderful!”

“Is that what you think, Kei? I personally don’t like the taste.”

“That’s just because you’re a weak drinker, Kiyotaka! Hmm, maybe I should be a bartender or wine taster. Then I’ll get to drink as much as I want!”

“I don’t think that’s a reliable plan, Kei.”

“Moou~ you’re such a relist Kiyotaka. And so pessimistic as well!”

Being called negative and too realistic by my girlfriend was definitely not the most pleasant experience.

“You should also drink up Kiyotaka! If you don’t drink yours, I’ll steal it away from you!”

Before I had a chance to answer, Kei already took my shot and drank it. She was laughing hysterically. In medical terms, I believed that would be called “being drunk as shit” but I was no doctor.

This was certainly an anomaly. She was persistent about the fact that I should drink more shots to get drunk while also stealing my shot away from me.

“Mmhhm, this tastes so gooood!”

Seeing Kei this ecstatic really warmed my heart. I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face.

They say alcohol makes your inner emotions spill out without you being conscious of it. If this was true, it was good to see that, deep inside, Kei was enjoying this date.

I finished my drink quickly to make sure Kei didn’t drink mine by accident in her drunken state.

I called the bartender to order a few more shots to please Kei. He quickly brought them over.

I took a shot and drank it immediately. Kei was looking at me expectantly as if waiting to see me get drunk.

“I told you, I won’t get drunk, Kei.”

“Such a party pooper, Kiyotaka! You just haven’t drunk enough!”

For some reason, she seemed to believe that drinking more shots would get me drunk while the strongest drink here did nothing.

Regardless, I drank more to fulfill her wishes but I still didn’t get drunk. Which also meant that Kei kept pestering me to drink more.

I now realized just how fatal of a mistake it was to come here without consulting my dear friend, Google. I needed a new course of action then.

I would need to go somewhere that Kei wouldn’t see me take out my phone. It would be bad manners to take out your phone during a date with your dear girlfriend after all. I analyzed the situation to think of a method of escape.

“Kei, I’ll go to the bathroom for a bit.”

I congratulated myself on thinking of such a harmless and original excuse. I was proud of myself for being able to think of an excuse as brilliant as that one without the help of the internet.

Before I went, I quickly whispered to the bartender without Kei noticing to just give Kei a cup of water if she asks for more shots or alcohol. Considering how drunk she was, I figured she would not notice.

When I entered the bathroom, I quickly searched up “How to deal with a drunk person” and clicked on one of the first sites that appeared. I took a look at the steps and they looked pretty simple and obvious, but just in case, I would memorize them properly.

I then left the bathroom and came back to where Kei sat with another shot in hand. I was nervous that Kei might have drunk more but the bartender reassured me.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I just gave her water as you said. As a bartender, I know the limits of my customers. Speaking of limits, since you’re nowhere near yours, how about ordering some more?”

It was some fine businessman-ship the bartender was expressing, as expected from a professional. But I declined regardless. Wait…

“Hey bartender, you didn’t give her more alcohol, did you?”

“As I said, I didn’t.”

“But you didn’t take away the shots we had already ordered, did you?”

“Huh? What on earth do you mean?”

“I’m talking about why my two spare shots are empty…”

The two shots I had ordered before going to the bathroom were now, unfortunately, empty. I cursed myself for realizing this so late.

The bartender and I looked worryingly at Kei.

Her face was flushed red and her cheeks were so red, it was practically letting of light. She looked like she had her mind in nirvana and was looking at the world from a different perspective.

“Ahh! Kiyotaka, you’re so cute today!!! I just want to kiss you. I can kiss you, right?”

“You’re drunk, Kei.”

“No fair Kiyotaka! Why do you have two heads/ I’ll just kiss both of your heads then! Ahh! Why do you have three now?! And why is my vision suddenly so blurry?”

“I think this is enough for today, Kei. Let’s take you back home.”

“Nooo! I want to spend more time with you, Kiyotakaaa! This is to make up for you not spending enough time with me during school! I wanna go on more dates and drink more and spend more time with you and drink more!”

I realized that she had said she wanted to drink more twice but that was beside the point. I only then just heard that she wanted to go on more dates with me. It seems she was playing hard to get with me when she declined a bunch of my invitations to go out on dates.

“Come on Kiyotaka, drink more with me! Ahh, why are you pulling out your wallet?!”

I was already asking the bartender for the tab and took my wallet out.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m paying, let’s take you back home now, Kei.”

“Noooo, I wanna drink moooore!”

“We can drink next time. This is enough for today. Next time I’ll drink more as well.”

“You promise?”

“I promise”

“Yesss! Let’s go again soon then!”

The bartender brought our bill. It was fairly expensive considering how much alcohol we drank.

After I paid, we stood up and Kei quickly clung to my arm. I wasn’t sure if it was an act of affection or her trying to not fall. Regardless, we quickly left the bar.

It was much less crowded now, It was as if someone had lowered the livelihood and sound setting. Because the road was quite clear of people, it gave Kei an easier time to walk.

Her breast was pushing me since she was holding my entire arm tightly. I put her arm around my neck to be in a more comfortable position to assist her walking. She could still barely manage but I still held her firmly in case she stumbles.

To be honest, I could have carried her like a princess but Kei probably wouldn’t like that.

After we walked, or mostly just me carrying her, we arrived outside her apartment. I took out the spare key she had given me when she rented this apartment and opened it.

Because I knew the layout of her home, I carried her to her bed immediately.

She probably wouldn’t be able to do much. I decided that she could shower tomorrow.

After laying her down on the bed and covering her with her blanket, I sat down on a chair at the corner of the room.

The website said to supervise them in case they do something rash or have a bad reaction, so I decided to stay the night there.

After a few hours, when Kei was already sleeping peacefully and the alcohol didn’t have any negative effects, I also slept.

Kei’s perspective:

When I woke up, I was in my room for some reason. The last thing I remember was taking my third shot.

The sun was shining brightly outside and its brilliant sunshine seeped into my room to welcome a new day.

My hair was messy and I was still in my clothes from yesterday. My eyes were still sleepy and my heart was demanding that I sleep more.

“Who brought me home I won-”

Before I could finish my question, I found my answer.

Sat in a corner was a boy with beautiful brown hair. He was none other than Kiyotaka, my boyfriend since our high school days.

He was sleeping peacefully in a chair, his head leaning to the side.

“This is the first time I’ve seen him so defenseless”, I thought to myself.

“Wait... He let himself into my apartment without asking!?”

My clothes were still on so he probably didn’t do anything but to enter my place, you’ve grown so bold, Kiyotaka.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. Thus began my daily routine.

The only difference was that it might be a little more fun than usual since I wouldn’t be alone in my apartment.