Compilation of KiyoKei

Fanfic by Zheeyah

First of all, I am not original English speaker. So forgive my words if it’s off.

Compilation of KiyoKei from my first book.


The heat pricked my flesh, but I could sense a chilly breeze was blowing. As the leaves darken and fell, the seasons shifted. Everything changed and didn't change at the same time.

That was, in essence, the life cycle; everything that exists was constantly moving. Today is the first day of school in this semester.

I'd resolved to exhibit 70 percent of my strength against Tsukishiro's replacement board of directors, but after facing his defeat, he was incontinently pulled back by that man.

Even so, I'm sure Tsukishiro had something planned before he left.

Hey, where are you?

It's Kei who sent me a message.

Kei decided to reveal our relationship due to her anxiety over me getting stolen by another girl, and neither did I mind her determination nor think Kei will lose her position as a leader.

Simply, divulging our relationship would have had a little effect on her status. Considering she was Yousuke's ex-girlfriend on the surface. No one would believe someone like me can be her lover.

I don't reckon it as something rude, but I won't say I didn't feel hurt if someone had to appear and state that kind of harsh words to me. Besides, there's one thing that occurred in my mind: if Kei revealed our relationship, not only would I be targeted, but so would she.

Henceforth our first time as someone who used and is used; Kei was confronted with numerous threats multiple times. To be honest, I felt guilty toward her, yet I already knew choosing her was the best thing I ever had done.

Kei was able to stand above any circumstances, persevere, and never give up on what she had believed in. My esteem of her core strength was high.

She was forced to be acted as an annoying and headstrong girl by her surroundings multiple times; nevertheless, her strongness kept her core safe, and I desperately needed someone like her by my side.

I'd met a lot of talented and potential people in my life when I was in the white room.

They were extremely talented and excellent as a person. Yet, without the strength to endure their despair and suffering of dying, they would have faded away like waves on the seaside. In the end, I was the only one standing by myself looking at them soullessly.

I thought Karuizawa Kei is the only person who could stand tall with me until the end.

I'm just about to leave. Why?

After the message sent notification of it was read had appeared, it seemed Kei was opening her cellphone now.

You better come when the bell is about to ring.

From her text, I could conclude Kei had already told her group about our relationship.

Don't tell anything first, just try to make sure we're dating but don't explain what happened.

I replied.

Indeed, I didn't mind if Kei was answering them.

But I needed to interfere in their chattering; to avoid differences in our story.

The worst-case is Kei might be accused of cheating on Yousuke because of me.

"You're lying right, Karuizawa-san? Why do you want to date Ayanokouji-kun?" Shinohara's voice was rapidly captured by my ears.

"I am not lying, I am going out with him," Kei muttered, she was pouting at the same time she retorted her friends' questions with an angry tone.

"Hard to believe," The grumbling sounded quite loud from the group of girls.

Tap... Tap...

A second of silence soon enveloped the class when they were seeing me enter the classroom. Yousuke, who usually smiled, also looked had troubled.

"Well, the person we've been waiting for has finally arrived. This is Ayanokouji-kun." Miyamoto spoke up; unfairly, he judged me with his usual disapproving expression.

Horikita also glimpsed at me from her seat, but unexpectedly she still looked as coolheaded as usual.

However, it's Keisei's gaze that stabbed me intentionally. I could guess, he was seeing me as a traitor right now.

"Hey Kiyotaka can you explain what happened?" Keisei walked up to me, "Karuizawa suddenly tell her group that you're dating her. They don't believe it, and neither do I."

Yes, it's common for everyone to think so.

After Keisei uttered his argument, Haruka straightaway catenated the discourse, "Yes yes, please explain what is this, Kiyopon?!"

Apart from her Airi stood, she averted my gaze, her orbs were gleaming with tears.

Maybe she felt hurt now, even so, I still thought our relationship never be more than friends. That fact won't change no matter what would be happening to Airi in the future.

"I understand why you guys are confused," I phrased it, at the same time my eyes caught Kei's gaze briefly.

"But it's true. We're dating."

The class evolved noisy again.

"Didn't you deny the rumors back then, Ayanokouji-kun?" said one of the boys.

"That's right, you didn't admit yesterday that you liked Karuizawa-san at all," This time Ike vocalized his mind.

Maybe he felt betrayed because he was telling me about his feelings at the island exam. While on the one hand, I hid my relationship with Kei.

"I had to admit that I was wrong. At that time, I did like her but I didn't express my feelings yet. And I wasn't comfortable letting Kei face people's questions when she had no idea what was going on."

Either it's true or a lie. No one could reply to my statement.

Several people nodded in agreement, but that didn't mean their doubts had gone entirely. "Is that true? So when did you confess to her?" Shinohara questioned me doubtfully.

I couldn't reveal the exact time to them, Kei and I had a strange relationship since she was Hirata's fake girlfriend.

Choosing the wrong answer would make them drop the bad prejudices against Kei. "That was after Kei defended me during the math test results."

Kei might be a little surprised by this sudden scenario. Nevertheless, it's Kei, she should be able to understand this sudden situation quickly.

"You said, because Karuizawa-san defended you, then you got up the courage to confess your feelings?" Akito tried to conclude my answer.

I nodded, didn't deny it at all.

"Aftermath test, huh? But why didn't you admit you were already dating when I asked you at that time?" Matsushita's pointed statement shattered the recess.

Well, it seemed I had to deal with her.

I knew one day she would bring this topic out, she should be more careful when asked something in the public. Probably, it would start a massive confrontation.

I knew her main secret, since the beginning, she was hiding her true abilities. If I exposed it now, she would be in a difficult position.

But seeing her confident sight, I knew what she was thinking, right now people doubted my assertion.

"I don't want Kei to be in trouble. After all, at that time we weren't even dating. I expressed my feelings but Kei didn't answer me that day. So to be precise, I wasn't lying when you asked about our relationship. Kei accepted me months after my confession."

"Wait, isn't that a very long time to answer?" Sudou seemed doubtless.

"I don't want to force Kei to give me her answer, besides she must be surprised that someone like me suddenly confess to her."

Yes, Kei was surprised at that time. It wasn't a false statement, despite it wasn't the real one too.

It seemed the expressions of the class C's were becoming more and more confused.

I knew their true intention, they wanted to know if I made Kei break up with Yousuke.

The question was implied, and I replied to them implicitly.

Their faces looked dissatisfied, but they knew it's no longer possible to press me to answer.

Hirata's affirmative attitude and Kei's silence showed that my story wasn't wrong at all.

Besides that, the bell had rung a few seconds ago. Soon, everyone dispersed with their thoughts.

Today's disclosure of the new couple had shaken class C sufficiently. It's just a couple of hours until this information might spread to other classes.

After all, Kei's a well-known figure among students, and I am already starting to attract unnecessary attention.

I'm pretty sure the third-year students, on Nagumo's orders, would act immediately.

Incontestably, regarding his declaration. Nagumo said he wasn't someone who told a lie carelessly, in a hundred honesty, he only slipped one lie.

And I couldn't guess which part would be Nagumo's manipulative story.

For that, I had prepared. Especially in the upcoming event, the next exam that Tsukishiro established.


Okay, I just cleared some things here.

If you think confessions, not at the time when he was got a perfect score. You're right.

Yes actually he confessed during spring break, but he lied here. He just didn't want to say the exact time. He said he confessed after he scored 100 on a math test and Kei accepted him months after, he creates some break between confession and the answer.

(I mean Kiyo makes a statement like he and Kei didn't have a relationship before. So Kei still has time to think about his confession).

This is because their classmate didn't know their true relationship.

It's become suspicious if kiyotaka tells them Kei accepted him at the same time he confe sses, they'll think she cheated in the first place. And you know, this is one of the reasons Kei didn't want to go public.

And This plot after class D becomes class C.


This chapter about Kei’s secret was revelead (3. 3 Cheese in The Trap)

Keisei POV

"Today we have daily exam."


One class was taken aback by Chabashira sensei's unexpected statement, but I didn't care.

After all, it's just a regular written exam, and I've always been among the top scorers in class 2-C.

Even in my group, I'm also the smartest.

"Keisei, can you keep your happy feelings to yourself just a little bit longer? It pains us, the fools to see you happy."

Haruka laughed beside me as Akito teased me from the back seat. Yes, it's unavoidable.

I enjoy studying and achieving high grades. For those who didn't like studying, they must not comprehend the pleasure of learning.

It's all right; I'm not expecting them to understand me either.

Our daily exam was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of someone, Hoshinomiya-sensei from class 2-B, who entered the classroom.

Almost everyone raised their heads, perplexed.

"What's the matter, Hoshinomiya-san?" Chabashira was irritated.

With a smile, the lovely teacher responded to Chabasira sensei's bluff.

"Is there someone named Karuizawa Kei here?"

Everyone in the class focused their attention on a blonde girl with purplish eyes. The girl who became the subject of gossip after dating Kiyotaka a while back. Karuizawa Kei raised her head and looked ahead, puzzled.

"That's me, sensei."

Hoshinomiya cast a glance over to Karuizawa before whispering something to Chabashira- sensei.

No one was speaking now, as if nervousness had crept into everyone's soul.

Only Karuizawa Kei looks straight; I'm not sure how she manages to stay calm in the face of such pressure.

"Could you come with me to the teacher's room?"

Karuizawa turned to face Chabashira-sensei, requesting an explanation for Hoshinomiya- sensei's orders.

But Chabashira-sensei just shook her head, and gave a signal for Karuizawa to stop her exam and leave right away.

The class began to growl as soon as the two of them left. "Sensei, what happened?!"

"Hey, what happened to Karuizawa?"

"Could you please explain, sensei?"

Several students demonstrated, particularly the girls' group led by Karuizawa. "All you have to do now is take your test."

Chabashira seemed unwilling to explain anything.

When that order was given, the entire class fell silent.

It's just that the confusion doesn't go away; even though the questions have been silenced, everyone is still guessing.

I also wrote the answer while busy thinking about what had just happened. Kiyotaka, it appears you have a troublesome girlfriend.



I followed in the footsteps of Hoshinomiya-sensei, wondering why I had been sent to the teacher's room.

I'm confident I've never made a mistake that merits punishment.

What happened?

"Ah, Karuizawa-san you must be surprised by this sudden situation right?"

I didn't respond. Of course, I was taken aback; she had to have realized that.

"Are you okay? You must have been through a lot, Karuizawa-san."

In disbelief, I raised my eyebrow.

Who are the words of comfort meant for? To whom?

I remained silent as I walked, responding only with a shake of the head and a nod.

When we got to the teacher's room. Several people were already seated facing each other.

Sakagami sensei, 2-D's homeroom teacher, and three girls I knew well were there. Morofuji Rika, Nanami Yabu, and Yamashita Saki.

I had already guessed what would happen next a few seconds after I walked in, so I didn't need an explanation.

The three people who were staring at me with stunned expressions immediately collapsed on the floor.

Within seconds, their eyes had turned red and watery.

"Please accept our apologies, Karuizawa-san. Please forgive us."

They knelt, pleading for forgiveness.

I stood frozen in front of them, "We're really sorry for hurting and beating you back then. Please don't let us being expelled."

I'm not sure what's going on right now.

I just stood there watching them beg forgiveness while Hoshinomiya-sensei touched my shoulder and led me to a single sofa.

"I received a message from an unknown number yesterday; he sent photos of the violence Manabe, Yamashita, Yabu, and Morofuji have perpetrated against you. He also asked me to serve as a go-between for the current D and C classes. You don't mind if I get involved, Karuizawa-san?"

I looked into her eyes; she was waiting for my response. Sakagami-sensei sat beside her. But his expression was a little off.

"We can expel these three for violating school rules if you want to sue them. All we need is your approval," With a gentle expression, Hoshinomiya explained. Trying to persuade me.

"What's your preference Karuizawa-san?"


Chabashira POV

When the recess bell rang, I quickly gathered my exam papers and dashed to the office. Karuizawa is now dealing with Chie and Sakagami, which is a bit of an emergency. I'm not sure she can take them. I'm afraid she made a bad decision.

When I opened the door, I heard the echo of Karuizawa's voice.

For the first time, I heard a voice filled with sorrow and pain that wasn't drowned out by despair.

This girl just stood there staring blankly at the people in front of her.

"Just let it be. Don't expel them from school, " The cold voice of Karuizawa echoed throughout the room.

For a brief moment, I was deafeningly silent. The other two teachers looked at each other in disbelief, while the two crying girls on the floor smiled with relief.

"But why?"

Chie questioned that.

While Sakagami appeared pleased with Karuizawa's decision.

I came in, approached Karuizawa, and asked her a question, "Are you certain about your choice?"

I know Karuizawa's past; she must have been through a lot worse than this.

Furthermore, I remember the incident from her first year. In the dead of winter, she returned with wet clothes and shivering.

"This is your opportunity for vengeance," Slowly, I say.

But my voice didn't seem to reach her heart, and Karuizawa was uninterested in hearing it.

She didn't seem to have any reason to change her mind.

"Is this all you want to talk about?"

She doesn't appear to be a stupid girl who frequently laughs with her friends.

Her appearance now seemed cold, haughty, and untouchable. As if warning me to stay away and not try to approach her.

Karuizawa, who was now speaking, had a cold, blank expression that could mean a million different things.

What exactly was she thinking?

I'm not sure why Karuizawa just let these three people go.

Was she afraid of retaliation from the other D class?

Then I'm sure her friends will defend her.

After all, Karuizawa is the leader of the girls in class C. She is someone her friends will protect. My job as a teacher could begin by assisting Karuizawa.

Please think again, are you really going to let them go?" I said as the girl exited the room. Karuizawa turned to face me and fell silent for a moment. Then she abruptly inquired.

"What exactly can you do to protect me, sensei?"

"I will do whatever it takes to protect you."

Hearing those words, Karuizawa's face turned bitter.

I seem to be able to read her mind for some reason, and it's clear that Karuizawa is juxtaposing the former me with the current me talking to her.

"Sensei, why didn't you do something like this when Sudou was on the verge of being expelled? Why don't you stand up for him?"

Karuizawa has trust issues with me, but I can't deny that.

"You and Sudou are unmistakably different. You are a victim in this situation. You will undoubtedly be defended."

"Are you certain? What if this is all a ruse?"

"What do you mean?"

"It was strange, sensei. When those who attacked me were suddenly reported by an unknown person. Who was the mastermind behind the violent evidence? Are you certain he isn't one of the people who bullied me as well?"

I couldn't answer Karuizawa's question.

"This person is most likely looking to get rid of Yamashita, Yabu, and Morofuji through me. But what exactly is he after?"

"This isn't the opportunity he's given me; he's threatening me right now. Remembering that someone is waiting for me behind the scenes. Someone who could just as easily discard Morofuji and Yamashita. If they both come out at the same time. One day, the person in the background will appear and attack me directly. What will sensei do for me if that happens?"

I remained silent for the umpteenth time.

Karuizawa's face turned bitter because of my silence.

"Sensei, you must understand that I have made the best decision for myself. Even if my decision crushed me, I would still accept it. If you are my teacher, you must support whatever decision I make and not look for opportunities in the midst of someone else's difficulties. With that kind of intent, you can't be a real teacher."

Karuizawa then walked away, leaving me staring at her. Chie, who had been listening for a while, began to make a comment.

"Wait a minute, she's a lot smarter than I thought. But the words are a little cheeky, aren't they?"

I didn't respond to Chie's words because I was preoccupied with what Karuizawa had said to me.

It's not just Ayanokouji who criticizes me; it appears that my other students do as well.


From Chapter 6.3 Coming Back

Kiyotaka POV

When I arrived at class, there was a new nuance that felt a little different.

The thing that bothered me a bit was Yousuke who was sitting next to Kei, listening to my girlfriend talk with an interested expression.

"Eh, Kiyotaka?!"

Kei was surprised when she saw me coming.

That's right, my presence was not so conspicuous till no one noticed my arrival.

Kei immediately ran and hugged me, it was quite unexpected for Kei.

But I know maybe she was venting her frustration all this time. Even though she's the gyaru type and doesn't seem to care about people's opinions, the real Kei is actually very shy.

I hugged Kei back. I actually miss her quite a bit.

"Why didn't you tell me you were here?!" Kei is annoyed.

"I wanted to surprise you."

"Mouu..." As if complaining, she pouts.

"I missed you, Kei." I said that on purpose to reduce her anger.

Kei's face reddened. "Ummm~me-me too-"

"I didn't hear you clearly, can you repeat that?"

"Me too! I miss you too!!" I could imagine the exclamation mark in the sentence. "Welcome back, Kiyotaka-kun."

This time it was Yousuke who greeted me, Kei had also let go of her embrace and put a reasonable distance between us.

Yeah, actually I'm glad to see they're both doing well. But it wasn't good to see Yousuke getting too close to Kei now.

"Although I'm not sure what has happened so far, but it seems I have to thank you." I didn't mean to make fun of him. But Yousuke understood my intention.

"You don't need to thank me, basically Karuizawa can handle all her problems on her own. I'm just offering to help as a classmate."

He's sensitive, he knows I'm cornering him. But before I could say anything else suddenly a voice stopped our conversation.

"Can I have a minute of your time, Ayanokouji-kun?"

Horikita Suzune cut off our sweet conversation with a cold tone, without feel of guilty in her face.

I haven't even had a chance to greet my friend from Ayanokouji's group yet. And she coldly interrupted this warm encounter.

"By the way, where is Kushida-san? Shouldn't she be back too?"

Horikita's sudden question made the others realize Kushida wasn't there yet.

Hondou who was previously sitting quietly also stood up and approached me. "Hey, where's Kushida-san? Why hasn't she come yet?"

I've put together various words to explain to them what happened. But none of that seems to make sense.

"She's dropped out."

I can only say that fact.


It wasn't just Hondou's scream, but everyone who heard what I said wore surprised expressions. Yes, they must not have expected this shocking news.

"How could that be?"

Ike, who shouldn't really care about Kushida anymore because he already has a girlfriend, was dumbfounded.

Kei who was standing beside me also looked curious. Actually Kei must not be surprised about this, she knows I want to get rid of Kushida. But she never knew when I would do that.

"Kushida's past is exposed and the student's parents demand to get her out." "What?!" Everyone is shocked.

What made them even more shocked because the same thing happened at ANHS, Karuizawa Kei's past was exposed to the public.

But Kushida's fate was different from Kei's, she was expelled from school.

"How did they get her out?! Gosh that's crazy!" Hondou is frustrated.

"What the hell is Kushida's past? Why did the parents ask her to be expelled?"

I can't tell them the truth, this fact only Headmaster Tsubaki and I know.

There's a certain reason why I kicked Kushida out at Sobu instead of ANHS, it's because no matter how I get rid of her there's bound to be a strong effect on Class 2-C.

Expelling Kushida in ANHS is riskier, because Kushida will definitely fight back and ask for support from those around her.

I don't mind if she corners me with that weak evidence. But I had to fight back by exposing her true nature in front of everyone.

There were two problems if it really happened, first the class would be shocked by the reality of Kushida's true nature.

I think Kushida will break the trust between classmates in an instant and this is a bad thing for the future of the class. Not to mention the secrets that she's revealing are causing strife in the classroom, I know Kushida is keeping a lot of classmates' secrets.

The second possibility is Horikita might still defend Kushida.

In order to get rid of those two problems, I had to get Kushida out without needing to fight her head-on.

"I-I didn't expect that, how did Kyou-chan get kicked out." Haruka looked surprised.

"Kikyou-san is such a good person. Why are they expelling her?" Mii chan also started to cry, she was one of Kushida's closest friend.

Whereas Horikita had a complex expression on her face, either she didn't want to believe my words or had a hard time accepting the facts.

It was her gaze was like someone who was so surprised by this fact. Looking back, I never would have imagined Horikita would be quite sad when she thought of Kushida being dropped out.

This scene is also beyond my expectations. But I know this is the best path I can choose. Yes, it's better like this.

It's better for you to let Kushida off without knowing her true nature. So no wound will be left in your heart. If you knew what the real Kushida was, maybe you would let her go in anger. But the memory of the betrayal will destroy the very essence of your faith.

Yes, this is a better ending.

My goal wasn't to embarrass Kushida, expose her disgrace and demonize her. The reason I took her out was because she was a threat to the class, like a thorn that could ruin the unity of the class.

I just silently listened to their disbelief, some of the girls who were close to Kushida started crying because of her departure.

Kei who was standing beside me quietly held my hand.

I could tell she felt a little guilty towards Kushida.

If you look at the past, in fact they are not much different, Kushida who pretends to be a good person is liked by everyone. Kei who pretended to be a stubborn rude girl who would never give up in order to maintain her position.

What's wrong with hiding ourselves from others?

Of course I don't blame it. It is natural for everyone to show the best side of themselves in front of others. Only a person as crazy enough as Koenji would wander around proudly without thinking about other people's opinions.

Yeah, I don't really care about this situation. Soon, they would recover from this sadness and being able to stand up again.

I'll watch their development quietly before the strom begin. This peaceful day will disappear soon.

8 November, 2021

SS Haruka Hasebe (Y2V5, my version)

I sat on my chair, I am not paying any attention to my surroundings at all. The tears still rolling down in my cheeks haven't subsided.

Airi is dropped out, that is the final decision.

I couldn't even do anything to help her. I... I felt a deep anger in my chest.

Feeling betrayed by someone I trusted so much, I didn't expect them to easily abandon the friendship between us.

It was that easy for them to break ties with Airi. Not only my classmates, but also my group mates. Thinking about it over and over again, I find it very cruel.

Of all people, why should you say that, Kiyotaka?

(I didn't use Kiyopon because it felt weird if in this condition she said that.)

I hated them all in just seconds.

"Haruka, don't you want to go home?" Akito's voice interrupted my thoughts, he looked a little worried.

"Don't you want to meet Airi?" That's all I can say.

I don't think it's appropriate for him to pay attention to me at this time, it's better if Akito meets Airi before she leaves.

"Then what about you?"

I can't answer that. I'm afraid to face Airi right now, I feel unable to meet her now.

I feel if I meet her, I will find it more difficult to accept the fact of letting her go.

Akito understood the meaning of my silence. He didn't try to inquire further.

"Then I'll go first. Feel free to contact me if there's anything you want to do, I'll accompany you."

Was he talking about meeting Airi?

I was silent again, Akito who was previously sitting on the chair beside me immediately stood up while carrying his bag.

Then he left and disappeared from behind the door.

Seconds went by, minutes went by, until I didn't know how long I had been sitting here. The sunlight from behind the window began to turn orange. Warm days also feel colder considering the night is getting closer.


The sound of the door opening, I didn't even turn to see who it was. I don't care who comes to class. Maybe it's just people who forgot to bring their things home.

But the person's footsteps stopped beside me.

"Hasebe-san, don't you want to see Sakura-san for the last time?"

When I looked up, the person I saw was Karuizawa Kei.

She... She wasn't the kind of person I'd imagined would ask that question in such a gentle and caring tone.

This selfish girl, the girl who didn't even hesitate to defend Kiyotaka vehemently in the special exam, she was asking me with a concerned expression.

"If you want to meet her, just meet Airi by yourself, I don't want to meet Airi now."

Karuizawa didn't reply to my sharp words. I thought she would say I am an ignorant girl for refusing her sincere.

Karuizawa crouched beside me, her position lower than me. She looked into my eyes, which had been looking down.

"If you don't meet her now, there's no more time to say goodbye. Won't you regret it?" Karuizawa asked carefully.

Honestly, I don't like this situation at all.

Why of all people, it's she come up to me and ask me about this?

I don't like it. Especially since knowing the fact she is Kiyotaka's girlfriend. Can you imagine how sick Airi is?

Her one-sided love ran aground, then the boy she liked actually proposed her name to be dropped out? This is not a story any girl dreams of! It's a tragedy! It's a nightmare!

And now the boy's girlfriend actually shows concern.

Is Karuizawa here out of pity?

Does she pity me for losing a best friend because of her boyfriend's actions?

"Don't pity me." I hate it.

I hate the fact Kiyotaka was the one who made Airi drop out.

I swear, it would be better if Kiyotaka insisted on appointing Kushida to drop out.

This damn class would rather keep that two-faced bitch than Airi. For me it is a tragedy.

"Hey, Karuizawa-san. Do you know how painful Airi's position is right now?"

I tried to corner her. I know it's not Karuizawa's fault, but somehow I need someone to vent my anger out on.

Karuizawa didn't reply to my words, but she was still listening calculatingly.

"Airi is my friend, she's Kiyotaka's friend too. But he easily broke our friendship just because of class points. Moreover, among everyone it was Kiyotaka who proposed Airi's name. You know how painful it would be if you became Airi? Maybe Kiyotaka will leave you too like what happened to Airi."

I wonder what Karuizawa will say. As Kiyotaka's girlfriend, I don't think her position is safe either. Maybe in the future Kiyotaka will break ties with her like Kiyotaka did with Airi.

This time Karuizawa took a chair and sat beside me. For the first time I looked into Karuizawa's purple eyes.

There is one strange thing I feel. The egotistical girl aura that I had been feeling for a while had somehow disappeared from her.

"I know Kiyotaka can be a little cruel sometimes."

I didn't expect Karuizawa to say that. She smiled at me. But her eyes showed a deep sadness as well.

"It's a secret, but Kiyotaka once cut our ties in the past. He said it was the last day he contacted me and everything that happened between us ended."

I was silent, I never imagined what Karuizawa would say.

Their relationship alone was already a shocking fact, now I heard another side of the story from Karuizawa.

"Actually I was sad, but at that time somehow I was able to handle it. You know, I even overcame a lot of difficult things because of Kiyotaka. I wouldn't say he's really good, in fact Kiyotaka is a bit cruel. But that's Kiyotaka, though his ways are cruel but he did it for my sake."

"Then where is the good things from expelling Airi?"

Karuizawa was silent for a moment. Then she said this with sad eyes, "There are some things that can't be said with words, there are certain things that can't be shown by actions. But you have to believe in him, Hasebe-san. Kiyotaka values his time with you guys, he sincerely appreciates you and Ayanokouji group as a friend."

"But he dumped Airi!"

"Rather than throwing away, I'd rather say Kiyotaka helped Airi to stand up by herself."


"Did you see Airi's appareace before leaving class? She's so pretty."

I clench my wrist. "She's always pretty, everyone just don't notice that!"

Karuizawa smiled gently.

It really wasn't a smile befitting the Karuizawa figure I knew. Who is this girl I'm talking to?

"You're right, we just haven't been able to see that all along." Karuizawa nodded in agreement.

"And it's because of Kiyotaka, Sakura Airi can stand as herself now."

I don't understand Karuizawa's conclusion.

"If Sakura-san hadn't been expelled from school, maybe she wouldn't have shown such a figure in front of everyone."

"Are you kidding me? Before this incident she really wanted to show her new self! It's just she didn't have time to do that because her heart was already broken when she heard you and Kiyotaka were dating!"

I said it with anger. This fact seems unknown to Karuizawa, she is surprised to hear Airi likes Kiyotaka.

"You don't know about this right? Kiyotaka knows Airi likes him, but he still cruelly does this to Airi!"

"Are you understanding now? You could have been abandoned by Kiyotaka too!"

I guess my words were enough to take her by surprise, but Karuizawa seemed calmer. But I could feel a mist of sadness filling her eyes.

"Come to think of it, that's true. Kiyotaka would probably leave me too."

I don't understand this girl's way of thinking. She looked fine when she heard that.

Did she really loves Kiyotaka?

"Aren't you sad?" I asked out of curiosity,

I really don't understand Karuizawa Kei's way of thinking.

"Of course I would be sad, but you know. I always believed in Kiyotaka. He said he would protect me."

"You still don't understand? He could leave you!"

"Yes I know, but he will still keep his promise. If separating is one way to protect me, then I can do nothing but trust him."

That's... That's a belief on a level I can't fathom.

"Kiyotaka may be cruel, but he's not a bad person."

"When I'm with him I always feel there are times where he seems to disappear at any time. This moment won't last forever. That's why I want to spend the remaining time with him as much as possible. Maybe our separation is a reality that I have to face in my future. But if it's for Kiyotaka's sake, I'm fine."

"This isn't the first time for me, in the past I also almost gave up something so important to me for Kiyotaka's sake, for the peaceful life he dreamed of. If I have to do that again in the future, I really don't mind."

Was this the thought Karuizawa had been keeping in her head all this time?

Such astounding boundless loyalty, unconditionally love. It's a little bit out of my expectation of her.

I don't know what to feel anymore. Previously I doubted their relationship. Now I have no other words but to justify Kiyotaka's choice, Karuizawa's way of thinking is too difficult to prevent anyone from falling for her.

"Therefore you must also believe in Kiyotaka and Sakura-san, you must believe Kiyotaka is doing this for Sakura-san's sake, you must also believe Sakura-san is not a weak girl and can face all of this. Now, let's meet Sakura-san and say the last words for her." Karuizawa held my hand.

"You appreciate the time you two have spent together, don't you? To respect Sakura-san and her decisions, you must be there. She must be waiting for you."

Then her hand pulled me out, taking my steps forward slowly.



I looked at Hasebe-san and Sakura-san who were crying while hugging each other. In the last seconds before Sakura-san actually left, Hasebe-san came just in time and gave her a final hug.

Everyone who looked at them also wiped the tears that came out. Sending your best friend away is a tragic scenario for every high school teenager.

Then I felt a faint presence sneak up beside me, he held my hand slowly. "Thanks, Kei." It was Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

14 November, 2021

10.3 Bitter-Sweet Love

After Nagumo disappeared from my sight, I looked at Kei. She immediately approached me.

"Kiyotaka, are you okay?"

Kei's eyes were wet with tears again.

I wanted to wipe those tears from her eyes, but I don't have a handkerchief now, and my hands are covered in blood. It will dirty Kei's face later. "I'm fine, Kei."

"Kiyotaka, I'm sorry." Kei closed her face, she was crying in front of me. Was she talking about her meeting Amasawa without telling me?

Or was she talking about the wounds I received for saving her?

"You don't need to apologize, Kei."

I patted Kei's head, because of that my blood stuck to her hair. I hope Kei won't get mad about it.

"But, but because of me you got hurt. I'm just a burden to you, I'm sorry." Kei was crying.

So she was influenced by Nagumo's words huh?

I didn't blame Kei for that.

To her, if she had to get hurt it didn't matter. But when she saw that I was hurt, she felt guilty. Maybe, right now for Kei I was everything to her.

The guilt in Kei's heart will hinder her.

I didn't want Kei to feel guilty about it.

"Kei, do you want to break up?"

Kei lowered her hand, she looked at me with teary eyes.

There was bitterness in her shining eyes, there was fear, there was also confusion mixed into one complicated emotion.

Her injured lips moved, like she was having a hard time saying it.

"If it's for you, I'll do it. I will break up with you if it's for your sake, Kiyotaka."

Her tears fell down her cheeks.

Even though her voice was shaking violently, she didn't stop to say it.

Without thinking, I immediately hugged Kei tightly, I didn't even care about my wound anymore, I couldn't feel any pain anyway.

Kei was surprised when I hugged her.


"You're not a burden to me, Kei."

I felt Kei's body tremble as I whispered her name.

"You may be able to let me go for my sake, but for now I can't just let you go."

"But, Kiyotaka..."

"I know you can let me go, but I'm the one who can't lose you." "...."

Kei didn't say anything.

"Kei, if I really thought of you as a burden, from the start I wouldn't agree to reveal our relationship to the public. It's better if we continue to date secretly. Even if people suspect us, it's still less dangerous than going public."

I tighten my arms. Right now, it didn't matter whether what I said was a lie or the truth.

Currently Kei is indecisive, she was afraid that her existence will only be a burden to me. To get rid of that feeling, I have to convince Kei.

From today's conversation I realized.

Kei was able to stand alone without me, she was willing to leave me for my sake.

That means, she's completely detached from me. She's no longer a parasite that depends only on me.

Now she will become a more meaningful figure, not only will I protect her, but Karuizawa Kei will also fight to protect me.

After all, since the last day of summer vacation, I've decided to fight my father. I will fight and defend the freedom that I have.

Today, the second stage of the love curriculum has been completed. We will enter the next stage.

But I'm sure, with Kei, I can get through all of this.

Karuizawa Kei SS: A Page of His Love Book (Special Valentine's Day)

I've made a big mistake. I knew dealing with Nagumo-senpai would upset Kiyotaka, I mean I knew that.

When Ryuuen inquired about it, I purposefully boasted that I wasn't concerned at all. I was lying.

There's no way I'm not concerned.

Even after I knew the fact Kiyotaka was far superior to Nagumo-senpai in many ways, but

Kiyotaka had clearly told me to stay out of trouble while he was away. On that list, Nagumo-senpai is the person I should avoid the most.

Luckily when Kiyotaka came, nothing happened to let him know that I had interacted with senpai.

To be more specific, he most likely pretended not to know about it. He had to have known what had happened to me while he was gone.

He remained silent until now.

He didn't even ask how I was after my secret was revealed to the whole school.

If I said I wasn't disappointed, I'd be lying. To be honest, I wish he'd pay more attention to me.

But it couldn't be helped; Kiyotaka had already informed me that our time together would be drastically reduced now that he had begun to plan for taking over the leadership of the class.

That's also why I approached Nagumo-senpai on purpose and framed him; I wanted to help Kiyotaka get rid of that senpai.


I entered his room after knocking three times on the door. Kiyotaka was sitting on a chair when I entered. He shifted his gaze to me. Kiyotaka's expression remained flat, but I sensed an unpleasant aura emanating from him.

"Ah, you've come. Please sit on my bed."

Kiyotaka dragged his chair to the edge of the bed and motioned for me to take a seat across from him.

"I am sorry."

I immediately bowed my head in front of him, closing my eyes because I couldn't bear the thought of seeing Kiyotaka's expression.

"Hmm... why are you apologizing?" Ugh... I bit my lower lip.

"Because I broke my promise."

"What promise did you break?"

"I promise I ain't to get involved with Nagumo-senpai."


"Mouu! You know I was wrong! Yes, I admit I made you angry, and I apologise."

I can feel my face turning red as I make this confession as if I'm just confessing my sins. Kiyotaka had a calm expression on his face as he looked at me.

"Do you think an apology is enough to make amends for your wrongdoing?"


"But I didn't overdo it, did I?"

Kiyotaka drew his stool closer to me after hearing my unsure response. His golden eyes never left me.


Oh my God, I'm terrified! "Kei..."

He called my name.

I fixed my gaze on him.

"You know, you should be punished for being a bad girl." "B-but-"

"Use it right now."

Kiyotaka extended a blindfold to me, which I accepted with a puzzled expression. But Kiyotaka didn't say anything; instead, he sat with his arms crossed in front of his chest, waiting for me to finish what he had told me to do.

Involuntarily, cold sweat trickled down my temples. My heart was racing, so I began to put on the blindfold. Everything went dark and silent, and I couldn't predict Kiyotaka's reaction.

"How are you feeling now?"

Kiyotaka's sudden question, I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish by telling me to do

this. I'm at a loss for words.

"I think that's a little scary."

"What makes you so afraid?"

"I can't see anything right now, so I don't know what Kiyotaka's expression is like. Being in that state of ignorance is one of the most terrifying things."


I felt a hand touch my face.


"Just ignore me, and carry on with your words"

Absolutely not!

How can I continue to speak when Kiyotaka is gently touching my face?

He didn't just caress my cheek anymore; he also gently caressed my lips. My cheeks are starting to warm up. My heart was racing so fast it felt like it was going to burst.

"Ca-ca-can you stop touching my face?" I said, a little nervously.

"Why? Don't you like it?" "N--no--it-it's not like that..."

Duh, why am I stuttering right now?

"Then that's fine right?"

Kiyotaka's thumb was pressing against my lips as he said this. My heart rate is erratic. I couldn't think of anything that made sense in this situation.

No way, Kei! It's not a good sign. Don't think about anything negative!

Kiyotaka probably didn't do this to kiss me or anything; he must have just wanted to tease me. "Kiyotaka, I'll be mad if you keep touching me like that."

I don't really dislike it; I'm just embarrassed about it right now. Aside from that, the fact that I can't see Kiyotaka's expression confuses me.

I don't want to be the only one who is being teased by him at the moment. "Touching you in what way, Kei?"

Kiyotaka's voice was soft, like a whisper. But his words gave me a dangerous foreboding. Humph!

His hand suddenly dropped to my stomach, rubbing it from beneath my shirt.


"Do you dislike it?"

"I'm embarrassed! Why are you suddenly acting this way?!"

I'm about to cry because I'm too embarrassed to face Kiyotaka when this blindfold is removed. This is extremely embarrassing.

Kiyotaka, on the other hand, ignored me, his hand bravely sneaking in from under my shirt and directly touching my skin. No, no, please stop, I winced in surprise.


I'm crying right now, I'm really crying. My tears soaked through the black blindfold Kiyotaka had given me. Kiyotaka immediately removed the blindfold from my face, and with slightly blurred vision, I could see Kiyotaka's face, which was staring at me nonstop.

"You know, Kei, your biggest mistake wasn't talking or attempting to frame Nagumo. But only because you allowed him to touch you carelessly."

Kiyotaka gently stroked my cheek, his touch less intimidating.

I wasn't afraid of Kiyotaka's touch, to be more specific. I'm scared when I can't see Kiyotaka; I'm afraid of losing him.

"I'm your boyfriend, and you're my girlfriend. You don't want to see me getting touched by another girl, do you?"

As Kiyotaka explained where I had gone wrong, I nodded silently and sobbed softly.

"Our relationship is not like your previous relationship with Yousuke. When Yousuke wasn't around, you could cling to Machida or other men. But you wouldn't be able to do that to me.

You can't rely on any man when I'm not around. "

Again I just nodded, Kiyotaka hugged me slowly. He patted my back, as if to soothe my tears.

Kiyotaka has never been particularly romantic, and he has been quite dense in our relationship thus far.

He was not a person who could express himself well, whether his feelings were locked or frozen in his heart.

It's just that, if I had to mention it, Kiyotaka wasn't exactly a warm person.

He has the ability to be so kind to me. But he can also be hazy. Kiyotaka is still a mystery to me, despite our proximity there's invisible distance that I never can pass through.

However, one thing has remained the same between us. That's about he is the closest and only one who understand me, whereas I am the same for him. Only I saw the true Kiyotaka.

To me, this is both sweet and bitter.

I knew our romance wasn't exactly sweet at first.

He has no concept of what love is. I can even imagine if he didn't love me when he asked me out in the past.

That's something I can understand. Nonetheless. Even if his feelings were lies at the time, or if he didn't understand his true feelings for me.

That would not bother me at all.

The fact that I love him will never change.

The fact that I will stay by his side will not change.

The fact that I would never leave him, even if he had to leave me.

The fact that he is the most important person in my life right now is proof of that.

Maybe I didn't expect him to love me at all, but his happiness has become my happiness as well.